Get Ready for the Hungry Ghost Month (July 27th-August 24th)


The Hungry Ghost Festival (盂蘭節)

The Hungry Ghost festival will be starting on the 14th night of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which is August 9, 2014. The above day is mostly applied to Chinese people from southern part of China but people from other parts will have the Hungry Ghost night on August 10, 2014. The seventh month (Chinese Lunar calendar) of each year in Asia especially in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong is known as the Hungry Ghost month, which will start July 27 until August 24, 2014.

It is believe that during this time of the year the gates of the underworld are opened, allowing ghosts to roam the earth. Some ghosts are the forgotten souls who are held in limbo in the underworld, so they are continually in a state of unrest.  Some are the ghosts and spirits of deceased ancestors.  The ghosts will come out from the lower realm (地獄) from the Northeast of the planet.   During this month, in Chinese culture, the living descendants will offer incense, burn items made from paper mache such as: clothes, “gold bar”, appliances; and offer food to the deceased ancestors.

Traditional Chinese opera will perform at midnight during this month in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.  The front row will be kept empty for the spirits. Buddhists will perform rituals to transmute and absolve the sufferings of the deceased.

opera 1 opera 3 opera 2  

Incense should be offer to the spirits nightly from August 9, 2014 until August 15, 2014.  The Incense Offering Ritual is a very POWERFUL way to remove obstacles caused by wandering and local spirits of the land. You can light incense at the front or back of the house after dusk.  Light up sweet smelling incense like kemenyen incense  or burn sandalwood incense cups filled with Spirit Incense Powder, Protector Incense Powder, Purifying Incense Powder, or Medicine or Green Tara Incense Powder.  When offering incense to your local landlord and spirits, please recite the following mantra:  


In the United States, the Land of Medicine Buddha, in California, will host the Ksitigarbha Festival on the last day of the Hungry Ghost month – August 24, 2014.   The Ksitigarbha  cares for beings that have been reborn in the unfavorable states of rebirths.  The Ksitigarbha  made a sacred commitment to help beings out of suffering, vowing:

“Until the hells are empty, I vow not to become a Buddha.  Only after all living beings are saved, will I myself attain Bodhi.”

20140722_135947-1 images (2) earth buddha  


If possible,  you should invite the Ksitigarbha, also known as the Earth Buddha, to your home, to protect from natural disasters.  Below is also an excellent mantra to recite when you are in a situation of natural disasters such as earthquake or if someone passes away.


In addition to incense rituals, it is a good idea to beef up your “feng shui security” by strengthening the protective energy of the home as a precaution against any malefic wandering spirits or spirits who have ill intentions.  This can be done by placing the right guardian images or specific mantra plaques like the Universal Tortoise Mantra plaque in the four cardinal directions and near your entrance areas. If possible, always wear some kind of cosmic protection on your body like protective medallion, the Gesar of Ling Mantra Ring or the Purification Ring.  Make sure that these mantras touches your body, as this is what ensures your body does not get hurt.

1.  Chung Kwei is the famous Chinese “ghost catcher” and it is believed that his image will chase all wandering spirits away; thus invite Chung Kwei into your homes as he personifies powerful protection against evil and disturbing ghostly influences.  He can also be carry as an amulet especially by those who goes out at night.

2.  Hang the Long Mantra of Avalokiteshvara Plaque at the entry.  Avalokiteshvara (Kuan Yin) is the Bodhisattba of Infinite Compassion.  This plaque is incredible powerful for disarming strong hostile energy. 

3.  The Wish Fulfilling Kalachakra Plaque, Kalachakra Stupa or Kalachakra Amulet contains the Mandala of the Kalachakra, a potent symbol of protection against loss and bad intentions. Place this near your entrance where you can see it as you enter the home to safe guard your possessions and the safety of your loved ones.  It is also a good idea to carry the Kalachakra Card in your wallet for protection outside of the home.

5.  An easy way to stay protected against mischievous spirits or bad feng shui is to put on sacred scarves that have been empowered with protective mantras. If you are traveling, wear the Heart Sutra Scarf or the Anti-Burglary Scarf to ensure that you are protected while you are not within the confines of your own home.

6.  Invite in the protective power of the White Umbrella Goddess.  The White Umbrella Goddess, Sitatapatra, is a powerful goddess who carries the victorious parasol that shields and protects from all forms of catastrophes, diseases, spirit harm and misfortune.  Hang her mantra plaque or place her mirror by the entry way.  It is also very auspicious to carry her card.

7.  Display the image of Guru Rinpoche or hang the powerful mantra of Guru Rinpoche to dispel all hindrances and all obstacles.  This powerful mantra will bring you much blessings and grant all your wishes.  He is also know as the Lotus Buddha who has the power to tame all demons and keep your household safe from any spiritual harm.

IMG_3903 IMG_0725 Bejeweled Rinpoche (2) Gesar Mantra ring 1
16673 protect against black magic 1 Avalokiteshvara plaque White Umbrella Mirror2 chung kweiUniversal Tortoise Plaque 1


From July 27th – August 24th, all cures for the Hungry Ghost Month are 25% off the ticketed price.

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  • - No Lap Chun (Spring) in 2015:  Learn How to Prepare for a Year with No Lap Chun
  • - Find Out How to Prepare for the Changing New Year

DAY 2:  January 18th, 2015, Sunday  

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  • - Learn How to Incorporate your Individual Paht Chee with the Luck of the Sheep Year  
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July 2014 Monthly Flying Star

Don’t forget to update the monthly flying stars. 

July 2014 Flying Star Chart 


5 9 7
NW: 5 Yearly / 4 Monthly N:  9 Yearly / 8 Monthly NE:  7 Yearly / 6 Monthly
6 4 2
W:  6 Yearly / 5 Monthly C:  4 Yearly / 3 Monthly E:  2 Yearly / 1 Monthly
1 8 3
SW:  1 Yearly / 9 Monthly S:  8 Yearly / 7 Monthly SE:  3 Yearly / 2 Monthly



Southwest: Enhance for career advancement or a raise with a Bejeweled White Elephant holding the Ruyi in the Southwest sector of the home or office.  Those born under the Monkey or Sheep zodiac signs should wear the 9 Eye DZI to enhance for good reputation and remove obstacle to your wealth and success.

Center: Protect your relationship from misunderstanding with the Red Amitabha Crystal Ball or 6 Smooth Crystal Balls in the center of the home. Enhance for peace, harmony and understanding with a Prayer Wheel.  Everyone should try to stay calm by wearing Amethyst or Crystal Bracelets or carry the Peace &  Harmony Amulet.

West:   Protect against obstacles to your good fortune with the Kalachakara Stupa or the 5 Element Pagoda in the West.  Those residing in this sector or born under the Rooster zodiac sign should carry the 5 Element Pagoda Card.

South: Keep money flowing in and protect against loss with a Blue Rhino next to a running water feature.  Female born under the sign of the Horse zodiac should wear the Anti-Burglary scarf for protection against unscrupulous individuals  when out by themselves at night.  Those who reside in this sector or those born under the Horse zodiac sign should carry the Blue Rhino charm.

North:  Enhance for prosperity and wealth to come in with the Vairocana Stupa and eight Gold Bars.  Those residing in this sector or those born under the Rat zodiac sign should wear the Money Hook DZI or carry a Wealth Dzambhala card in their wallet to bring in constant cash flow.

East:  Place the Medicine Buddha Plaque or the White Tara Longevity Vase in the East to protect against illness.  Enhance success luck at work with a Wind Horse figurine.  Those who reside in this sector or those born under the Rabbit zodiac sign should wear the Power DZI to enhance for success and support and longevity luck.

Southeast:  Bring peace and harmony and remove stress with a prayer wheel in the Southeast.  Don’t forget to place a wu lou in this sector to keep from falling ill.  Those born under the Snake and Dragon zodiac signs should wear the Medicine Buddha DZI or carry around the Health Amulet.

Northwest:  Protect against third party interference in your relationship with a pair of Mandarin Ducks.  It is a good idea for those born under the Dog and Boar zodiac signs to wear the 2 Eye and 5 Eye DZI combination bracelet to better enhance their relationship luck.  Make sure  to carry the Kalachakara Keychain to remove obstacles and misfortune. Enhance study luck with the Crystal Point with Wisdom Mantra.

Northeast:  Enhance for unexpected windfall luck with the 6 Heavenly Coin in the Northeast and carry the Nanbu Lock Coin.  Invite the Green Tara to the Northeast to help fulfill wishes and bring much opportunities into your life.  Make sure that you place the 5 Elements Rhino & Elephant cups here to protect against unsavory people stealing your good fortune.  Those who resides in this sector or born under the Tiger and Ox zodiac signs should have a pack of 6 Peacock Feathers in the glove compartment of their cars  and carry the Blue Rhino charm to ward off accidents.    



Click here for information regarding 2014 Yearly Flying Star chart.


Peter Lung’s September 2014 Feng Shui Courses NOW AVAILABLE for Early Bird Registration

Septemberr 2014 Course banner

September 2014 Feng Shui Courses in Las Vegas

Presented By Peter Lung

NOW AVAILABLE! Limited Seatings.

RSVP by AUGUST 19th to be eligible for Early Bird Special Price

September 19th – September 20th:

Feng Shui for Modern Living

This class is designed to give students a firm grounding in all the fundamentals of Feng Shui.  Students will be introduce to the various schools and formulas of Feng Shui that are important to understand in order to perform a complete and effective Feng Shui assessment of any property. By the end of this class, students will become familiar with all the working formulas of Feng Shui and how to effectively implement them together.
In this class, students will be taught how to take the big picture approach, as well as how to zoom in, identify and solve particular problems caused by Feng Shui.

This class is suitable for anyone seriously interested in gaining a comfortable working knowledge of Feng Shui, either to enhance their own homes or to use as a grounding and springboard for a career in Feng Shui. This class will give students a comprehensive BIG PICTURE approach on what Feng Shui is today and how Feng Shui can be use to improve lives. Feng Shui is a dynamic practice and its concepts MUST be understood in the context of modern living.

Who should attend this class?
This class is good for beginners, for those who have read feng shui books or attended some courses, or even practitioners.  After attending this class, YOU WILL SAY “FENG SHUI IS THAT SIMPLE”.
Tuition Fee:  Early Bird Special Price of $ 588.00 if registered by August 19, 2014.  Regular price of $688.00 if registered AFTER August 19, 2014

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September 21st – September 22nd:

Flying Star Feng Shui

飛星  Flying Star is an advanced and practical Feng Shui method of calculation to determine the daily luck, monthly luck, annual luck and luck of each period.  Feng Shui has 9 periods and each period contains 20 years.  We are currently in the lower Period 8.  YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO READ AND ANALYZE THE POWERFUL 9 NUMBERS.  YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO FIND THE WATER STAR (WEALTH) & MOUNTAIN STAR (HEALTH & HARMONY) OF YOUR HOME AND OFFICE FOR EVERY YEAR AND EVERY PERIOD.
Who should attend this class?
Student should already have understanding of basic Feng Shui or have attended the Basic Feng Shui class from Peter Lung.
Tuition Fee:  Early Bird Special Price of $588.00 if registered by August 21, 2014.  Regular Price of $688.00 if registered AFTER August 21, 2014.

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September 23rd – September 25th:

Professional Feng Shui Consultation Certification

风水大师  This course is designed for those who are considering the profession of a Feng Shui consultant or who have received various Feng Shui training and now wish to learn advanced techniques to enhance the luck of his or her own private or professional life. If one is already an interior designer, architects, landscape designers, real estate professionals, life coaches, professional organizers, professional gamblers, acupuncturists and practitioners of Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine or various business owners, this course will better enhance any existing professions because it will improve the health, family, love, creativity and prosperity in one’s own life and the lives of others.
From this course, students will learn advance Feng Shui methods for business and residences with highlights on Water Feng Shui, Flying Star, 8 Auspicious Method, Black Hat Sect, Spiritual Feng Shui and Paht Chee reading.  Students will be instructed on how to apply and incorporate client’s Paht Chee chart and all Feng Shui methods to the client’s reading and how to perform professional Feng Shui consultation with confidence.  Students will learn how to prepare complete Feng Shui recommendation report and professional Paht Chee reading chart.  They will learn how to give Feng Shui recommendations to housing complex, casino, hotel and big development project.
Who should attend this class?
Student should already be able to understand Paht Chee, Basic Feng Shui and Flying Star or have attended MPC course from Lillian Too or Basic Feng Shui, Paht Chee and Flying Star classes from Peter Lung.
At the end of the course, students will be certified by World Of Feng Shui – USA (Peter Lung) as professional Feng Shui consultants after passing the final examination.
Tuition Fee:  Early Bird Special Price of $1,388.00 if registered by August 23, 2014.  Regular Price of $1,688.00 if registered AFTER August 23, 2014.

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Special Package Tuition Fee Available for Attending 2 or More Classes by Peter Lung Register by August 19th for Early Bird Special Package Price!

Peter's September 2014 LV 2 Class Combo            2 CLASS/4 DAYS                                   Special $988                                       Save $188
Peter's September 2014 LV 5 Day Modern FS Combo           2 CLASS/5 DAYS                                  Special $1688                                      Save $288
Peter's September 2014 LV 5 Day Flying Star Combo            2 CLASS/5 DAYS                                  Special $1688                                      Save $288
Peter's September 2014 LV 7 Days 3 Class Combo             3 CLASS/7 DAYS                                 Special $2088                                       Save $476
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The classes are held from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm on their designated dates.  All tuition fees are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.  All classes are taught by feng shui consultant and teacher, Peter Lung, of World Of Feng Shui USA.  All classes are taught in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas store location, 4011 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89102.  Registration is required for all feng shui classes.

For more information, please call WOFS USA Las Vegas store directly at 1 (702) 386-1888 or email info@wofsusa.com.  More class information are posted online at www.wofsusa.com.

Septiembre 2014 Feng Shui Cursos, en Las Vegas, NV, USA. Regístrese ahora para Early Bird Precio Especial


Septiembre 2014 Cursos de Feng Shui en Las Vegas, NV, USA

Ofrecido por Peter Lung

¡Regístrese ahora!  Número de asientos limitado.

RSVP antes del 19 de Agosto para ser elegible para Early Bird Precio Especial



Esta clase está diseñada para darles a los estudiantes una base sólida en todos los fundamentos del Feng Shui. A los estudiantes se les enseñara varias fórmulas de diferentes escuelas de Feng Shui que son importantes para entender con la finalidad de realizar con el Feng Shui evaluaciones completas y eficaces de cualquier propiedad. Al final de la clase, los estudiantes estarán familiarizados con todas las fórmulas para trabajar junto con el Feng Shui para aplicarlas eficazmente.
En esta clase a los estudiantes se les enseñara cómo visualizar un enfoque global, así como la forma de identificar y solucionar los problemas específicos causados por el Feng Shui.
Esta clase es conveniente para cualquier persona que está seriamente interesada en obtener de una forma confortable los conocimientos del Feng Shui, ya sea para usarlo en su casa o utilizarlo como una base y trampolín para una carrera dentro del Feng Shui. Esta clase les dará a los estudiantes un enfoque más amplio en lo que es el Feng Shui en la vida actual y como se puede utilizar el Feng Shui para mejorar la vida. Feng Shui es una práctica dinámica y sus conceptos deben de ser ampliamente entendida dentro del contexto de la vida moderna.
¿Quiénes deberán de asistir a esta clase?
Esta clase es buena para principiantes, los que han leído libros de Feng Shui y han asistido a algunos cursos o incluso para profesionales. Después de asistir a esta clase, usted dirá “Feng Shui es así de simple”
Valor de la inscripción: pagando con anticipación  $788.00 USD, deberá de ser pagado para el 19 de Agosto del 2014. El costo de las inscripciones pagadas después del 19 de Agosto del 2014 será de $888.00 USD. El precio incluye 5 días la traducción simultánea al español.
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飛星  La Estrella Voladora es un método avanzado y practico del Feng Shui, para calcular y determinar la suerte diaria, mensual y anual, la suerte en cada periodo. El Feng Shui tiene 9 periodos y cada periodo consta de 20 años. Actualmente estamos en el periodo inferior 8USTED APRENDERA COMO ENCONTRAR LA ESTRELLA DEL AGUA (DE LA RIQUEZA) Y LA ESTRELLA DE LA MONTAÑA (DE LA SALUD Y LA ARMONIA) EN SU CASA U OFICINA PARA CADA AÑO Y CADA PERIODO.
¿Quiénes pueden asistir a este curso?
Estudiantes que ya tengan conocimiento básico de Feng Shui o que hayan asistido a la clase básica de Feng Shui de Peter Lung.
Valor de la inscripción: pagando con anticipación  $788.00 USD, deberá de ser pagado para el 21 de Agosto del 2014. El costo de las inscripciones pagadas después del 21 de Agosto del 2014 será de 888.00 USD. El precio incluye la traducción simultánea al español.
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风水大师  Este curso está diseñado para aquellos que estén pensando en el Feng Shui como asesores profesionales o que han recibido varias capacitaciones de Feng Shui y ahora desean aprender técnicas más avanzadas para mejorar la suerte en su propia vida privada y profesional, si usted es actualmente un diseñador de interiores, arquitecto, paisajista o profesional en bienes y raíces, entrenadores de la vida (coaches), jugador profesional, organizador profesional, acupunturista, o practicante de la medicina occidental, medicina tradicional China, o es dueño de varios negocios, este curso le ayudara a maximizar las profesiones existentes y a mejorar su salud, la familia, el amor, la creatividad y la prosperidad en su propia vida y en la vida de los demás.
Quienes deberán de asistir: 
Estudiantes que ya deben y puedan entender el Paht Chee, el Feng Shui Básico y la Estrella Voladora. O haber asistido al curso de MPC de Lillian Too o a las clases de Feng Shui, Paht Chee y clases de la Estrella Voladora de Peter Lung.
Asesor Certificado de Feng Shui:  
El alumno será Certificado por Word of Feng Shui – USA (Peter Lung). Como asesor Profesional de Feng Shui después de pasar el examen final.
Valor de la inscripción: pagando con anticipación  $1,588.00 USD, deberá de ser pagado para el 23 de Agosto del 2014. El costo de las inscripciones pagadas después del 23 de Agosto del 2014 será de $1,888.00 USD. El precio incluye 2 días la traducción simultánea al español.
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Los precios especiales de paquete si toma 2 o más clases ofrecido por Peter Lung.

Inscríbase antes del 19 de agosto para Early Bird Special Precio del paquete.

Peter's September 2014 LV 2 Class Combo            2 Clases/4 Días                      Especial $1388                                                     Ahorre $188
Peter's September 2014 LV 5 Day Modern FS Combo           2 Clases/5 Días                              Especial $2188                                                     Ahorre $288
Peter's September 2014 LV 5 Day Flying Star Combo            2 Clases/5 Días                          Especial $2188                                                     Ahorre $288
Peter's September 2014 LV 7 Days 3 Class Combo             3 Clases/7 Días                         Especial $2788                                                      Ahorre $476
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Las clases se llevan a cabo de 11:00 am – 4:00 pm, en la fecha designada.  Todos los derechos de matrícula no son reembolsables y no se pueden cancelar.  Todas las clases son impartidas por el consultor de feng shui y maestro, Peter Lung, de World Of Feng Shui USA.  Todas las clases se imparten en Las Vegas, NV, USA, en el World Of Feng Shui USA, 4011 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89102, USA.  El registro es necesario para todas las clases de feng shui.

Favor de llamar al teléfono, 702- 386-1888, o por correo electrónico info@wofsusa.com para obtener más información.