Here’s your OCTOBER, 2016 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Luck for the 12 Horoscope in 


October 8 – November 6, 2016

Month of the Yang Earth DOG


Dog: You need to work very hard this month since there is still no lucky star around you and pay attention to your health. It will be a busy month for you and beware of the car accident. You should carry the Umbrella Parasol keychain to protect you from misfortune.

Boar: You need to control your temper and your emotion will fluctuate. This is a good month for you to learn new things and expand your business network. Wear the Green Tara Successful prayer wheel for successful luck.

Rat: Career and money luck is strong, but your relationship energy is weak. Please pay attention when handling your personal relationship or else you will create big problems for yourself. Carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet to control the quarrelsome energy.

Ox: Luck is still strong this month and it is an excellent time for you to take a vacation or business trip. You will find that there are lots of opportunities for you. This is a good month for you to make future plans since you have strong investment luck. In order to get this luck, you should wear the Prosperity prayer wheel pendant.

Tiger: You will face lots of obstacles both at work and home; please take care of it smoothly. This will be a challenging month for you so focus on trying to solve all problems. You should carry the Ten Hum Brooch or Ten Hum keychain for protection.

Rabbit: Nobleman star (Influential person) will bring you good support this month, so focus on achieving your goal. There will be unexpected good news. This is a great month to complete your project and goal. Beware when handling relationships with friends and family members. Carry the Peace and Harmony keychain for better relationship luck and invite the Bejeweled King Gesar for success. You may consider hanging your King Gesar prayer flag at the East side of your house to enhance success.

Dragon: This is a clash month for Dragon person and it is not the good time for you to invest. Do not loan money to others! Money and health luck are weak. Carry the Anti-burglary keychain for protection and Health Amulet for health luck.

Snake: Strong relationship luck for Snake person; the single person should take this opportunity to meet new friends. Display the Bejeweled Horse at South of your bedroom to attract romance luck. Business snake person should expand their business overseas or look for the business opportunity somewhere away from home. Invite the Bejeweled Red Tara – Vasudhara – The Goddess of Abundance to enhance your wealth luck.

Horse: It will be a smooth month at work and you will receive recognition from your superior or client. There will be unexpected expenses, so control what you spend. You should place the Precious Mountain behind your work desk for great support.

Sheep: You will be feeling great pleasure and happiness this month. Most of the issues at work will be resolved in October 2016. You need to be patient and take care of the matters step by step. Money luck is very strong, so take this opportunity to get it. Consider inviting the Wealth King Gesar  for better wealth luck.

Monkey: It will be a difficult month for you, and your luck is weak due to lacking of lucky star. You will face all challenges by yourself without any help. Pay attention to your health and take it easy this month. You must wear the Protection prayer wheel pendant and carry the Umbrella Parasol keychain to protect you from misfortune.

Rooster: You may be confused with what to do and stray from the correct direction. Just focus on your original plan. You will feel lonely and insecure in October. You should carry the Golden Mantra keychain to counter the negative energy from 5 Yellow star in your territory.

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Roostoor combo

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of OCTOBER 2016 by updating the monthly flying stars of your space.

October 2016 Flying Star Chart

9th Month (Yang Earth DOG month – October 8 to November 6, 2016) of the Yang Fire Monkey Year

How to read this chart:  Below are 9 squares.  Each square represents a directional sector of your home with the middle square representing the Center sector of your house.   There are 2 numbers shown in each sector. The big number in each sector indicates the Annual Star and the small number in each sector indicate the Monthly Star.  Place the suggested cures and enhancers in their proper sectors accordingly.

Oct 2016 chart

Center: 2/3: The center of your house will be affected by 2 unlucky stars this month; it will bring arguments, obstacles, and illnesses for your home. Please be sure to remove plant and water fixture in this sector. Invite the Medicine Buddha Stupa or 9 Tara Mandala House to protect all the negative energy entering into your home.

 North 7/8: Finally, the number 8 wealth star will fly into North sector this month, so hang the 6 rods metal windchime and water fountain to attract the money luck. Invite the Bejeweled Wealth King Gesar for better wealth luck.

East 9/1:  Two lucky stars fly into East; it will bring small wealth luck. The Double carp water feature will help activate this star and invite the Stupa of 8 doors to abundance to secure the wealth.

South 6/7: You need to protect this area especially if it’s the entrance or window of the house by displaying the Blue Rhinoceros or Anti-Burglary sticker for protection. Since the monthly number 7 Robbery combines with number 6 metal star, there will be violent and robbery energy brought to you.

West 4/5:  This negative star will bring bad health and possible miscarriage for the pregnant woman. If your bedroom is located at the West, consider not sleeping in this bedroom in October and make sure you display the Heart Sutra pillar or Medicine Buddha Stupa to control the negative energy.

Southwest 8/9: Spend more time at Southwest sector of your house. Number 8 and 9 star will bring happiness and wealth luck to you. Turn ON the lamp at Southwest to activate these 2 lucky stars. I would recommend using the red light bulb. Invite the Bejeweled Wealth King Gesar for better wealth luck.

Southeast 1/2: Pay attention to your health related to the abdominal pain due to negative star. You may look fat due to water retention. Place a strong green plant to balance the energy and display the Long Life 5 Sisters to control the illness star.

Northwest 3/4:  Pay attention when handling your relationship and emotion in October; 2 wood stars flying into the big metal sector will easily create tension among family members. Hang the Peace and Harmony Amulet and place the Hayagriva Mandala Sticker to balance the negative energy.

Northeast 5/6: There will be unexpected good news. Make sure you control the annual 5 Yellow star by placing the Heart Sutra pillar or Buddha stupa otherwise it will bring you sickness related to lung and stomach.


Here’s your SEPTEMBER, 2016 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter & Celebrate the (Mid-Autumn / Harvest Moon Festival)(中秋節)

Luck for the 12 Horoscope in 


September 7 – October 7, 2016 – Month of the Yin Fire ROOSTER and  Mid-Autumn / Harvest Moon Festival (中秋節)


Luck for the 12 Horoscope in AUGUST 2016 – The Hungry Ghost Month (盂蘭節)

Luck for the 12 Horoscope in AUGUST 2016 – 

The Hungry Ghost Month (盂蘭節)

August 7 – September 6, 2016 – Month of the Yang Fire MONKEY

The Paht Chee chart shows that there is excess fire energy this year; it will create lots of obstacles. In the summer months like May, June & July, the FIRE element is present. Excess fire energy causes lots of argument, natural disasters, shootings, and riots to start. There were shootings and killing in Dallas, Germany, Japan and other places during these months. Wildfires in California destroyed lots of houses. All these events happened during FIRE season.

 You can protect yourself by using water energy. Wearing colors like blue and black and having lots of water fountains present at the North, Southwest and East sector of your home/office will help. You make sure that you display stupa at the center this month due to 2/5 badly stars combination, fire season and Hungry Ghost month. We need lots of protection this month.

According to the Chinese belief, the Hungry Ghost festival will start from the 7th month of the Chinese calendarAugust 16, 2016 evening is the ghost dayBuddhists and Taoists believe that the gates of hell are opened and the spirits normally trapped inside are free to roam the earth.

Ghost gates are located at northeast & southwest and it is advised to hang the Om Mani Padme Hum Blessing Plaque in these 2 sectors, as it will help to protect spirits going into your house. If your bed is located at one of these directions, you should hang the Yang House Amulet plaque or Wish Fulfilling plaque above the headboard during this month. It will help you to avoid bad dreams and block the ghost gates.

You should consider having a smoke offering puja after 7:00 pm on August 16, 2016 or/and offer incense outside your house from August 16 until August 22 evening. It will be better using the Spirit incense powder or Incense Kemenyen for the spirits. This kind of incense will be benefit to the spirits and will also create good karma to yourself.

Monkey: It will be a challenging month for the person born in the Year of Monkey. Beware of the White Tiger (people doing bad things behind your back) person and also need to pay attention to your health. Consider to wear the Medicine Buddha Wu Lou pendant or carry the Health Amulet keychain.

Rooster: This month your emotions will be up and down. You need to pay attention to your health and take more rest. Go with the flow and try to avoid misunderstanding. Carry the Ten Hum keychain or wear the Ten Hum brooch to remove the obstacles.

Dog: Firstly you need to pay attention your relationship with your co-worker and business partner; secondly your health. As you will be very busy in August and forget about taking care of yourself. Carry the Peace & Harmony Talisman to control the argument.

Boar: There will be a lucky star coming to you. There will be lots of unexpected good news and you should take the opportunity to expand your business & achieve your goals this month. You may carry the Increasing Business Talisman or Victory coin for better luck.

Rat: Beware of how to handle your relationships; your luck will be up and down this month. You should lay low and try to avoid making mistakes.

Ox: Its an excellent month for the person born in the Year of Ox, you should take this great opportunity to achieve your goals. Money luck is very strong so carry the Jambala Buddha or Jambala card to secure the wealth luck.

Tiger: You will experience a lot of challenges this month. Make sure to carry all your protection enhancements and carry the Ten Hum Amulet; it will help to remove your obstacles. Monkey will bring obstacles to Tiger person. Make sure to carry your Tai Sui Amulet or Tai Sui card to appease the annual Tai Sui.

Rabbit: Beware of arguments and signing legal documents! You should carry the Peace & Harmony Talisman to overcome argument.

Dragon: There will be lots of good news and opportunities for you. You need to pay attention to the people around you, as they will bring trouble to you.

Snake: This is the Monkey month and because he is your secret friend, it means that you will have big support from your friends. Nobleman will bring good luck and opportunity to you. You have strong relationship luck and it will also be a good month to expand your network. Make sure to control your temper to avoid arguments.

Horse: There will be unexpected good news to you and this is a good month for you to learn new things.

Sheep: Single sheep person should take this opportunity; your romance luck is very strong this month. This is also the great month to expand your network and meet new friends. You should carry the Increasing Business Talisman.


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Paht Chee (八字論命) reading = 4 Pillars of Destiny (四柱論命)

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