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Here’s your MAY, 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

 We are going to the fourth month of the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster and one month before the Summer season.  There will be lots of opportunities for money luck from June to August 2017.  It is about time for you to organize and make the plan for the rest of the year.  Summer season will be the good time for you to buy & sell your stock.  Pay attention that the market will be weak starting Autumn.

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Here’s your APRIL, 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

We are entering the third month of the Rooster year, and the spring energy will be ended at the end of this month. It will be better for you to wear white, silver or gold clothes and jewelry to balance the excess wood energy during this season.

April is the month of the Dragon, and it will clash with the people born in the year of Dragon and Dog. You both should take it easy and lay low during the clash month.


Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 

APRIL 2017

April 4 – May 4, 2017– Month of the Yang Wood DRAGON

Dragon: There will be lots of obstacles for you to face and you should go with the flow. Pay attention to your health related to the stomach problem, and you should take more rest. You can consider carrying the 5 Element Sun & Moon Pagoda amulet to overcome the negative energy.

Snake: Relationship luck is very strong, and it is the best time for you to contact your friends for the opportunity. Single Snake person should take expand your personal network meeting new friends. You can display the Peach Blossom Horse for marriage luck to enhance your chance.

Horse: There will be obstacles at work and should consult with your superior. Beware of signing legal documents. You should carry the Red Eagle amulet to control the legal issues.

Sheep: This is not the proper month for investment, and you should control what you spend. Money luck is weak and should carry the Anti-Burglary amulet or Rhinoceros keychain for protection.

Monkey: There may be an opportunity for you to invest. STOP and THINK before making the final decision. Pay attention when you sign any contract and agreement. You need to control your temper and be patient this month.

Rooster: There will be great chance having the joint venture or partner with others, it will bring good luck to you. You may be disturbed by family health issues. Make sure to place the Kuan Yin with Garuda at the North of your home this month.

Dog: Pay attention to your health related to stomach problem; You need to control your temper and communicate with co-workers, friends and family members peacefully. Take more rest and be patient. You should carry the Garuda Wu Lou keychain to exhaust the negative energy.

Boar: you need to pay attention to your health, and cash flow is weak. You should avoid significant investment and no gamble. If you need to travel, you should carry 6 Peacock feathers and Anti-burglary amulet for protection.

Rat: Pay attention to your health, and you need to calm down. April month is not okay for you to start the new project. You should place the Garuda Bird next to the bed for your protection.

Ox: Single Ox person should put the fresh beautiful flowers at Northeast of your bedroom to attract romance luck. You can display the Peach Blossom Horse for marriage luck to enhance your chance.

Tiger: You will have strong money luck, and you should take this opportunity to invest. You should attract this luck by placing the Pi Yao on your desk.

Rabbit: If you need to take any examination or continue education for your work, you should take this month. Your education luck and money luck are both strong in April this year. You can carry the Victory Amulet to attract the money luck.


Here’s your MARCH, 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Time goes very fast, we are in the second month of the Year of Rooster, there are still lots of argument and disagreement in the world.  It will be going until the second quarter starting in May 2017.  Please be patient and all the problem will be solved.  There are lots of opportunities for money-making.


Here’s your FEBRUARY, 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Happy Chinese New Year!


February is the first month of the Year of Yin Fire Rooster, as it starts on the late evening of February 3, 2017. Please make sure to set up your Feng Shui enhancements accordingly. There are five good sectors – North, Northeast, East, Southeast and center, and you must activate the auspicious luck. Four bad sectors – Northwest, West, Southwest and South, you need to display the Feng Shui cures in all of these 4 sectors. Please do not sit facing West.  Here is the Flying Star chart for 2017: