10 Useful Back to School Feng Shui Tips for Students of Any Age


September’s here and, ready or not, it’s back to school time!  Here are 10 useful back to school feng shui tips for students of any age:

1.  Because this is the start of a new school year, enhance for new energy with new outfits and school supplies.  When purchasing these items, consider the student’s paht chee and keep in mind the elements that will best enhance the student’s self element.  Purchase outfits or supplies in the colors that will enhance for their success.  For example, if the student’s self element is weak wood, avoid red color clothing or backpack.  It will be beneficial for him/her to wear green, blue or black in order to strengthen his/her element.

2.  Enhance the student’s study area.  Make sure that the desk is place where the student can sit facing his/her good directions.  Determine what directions are good or bad by figuring out the individual’s Kua number.  Use the formula below to calculate  kua number.

Kua Calculation_Page_2 Kua Calculation_Page_3 Kua Calculation_Page_4
Kua Calculation_Page_5 Kua Calculation_Page_6 Kua Calculation_Page_7

3.  Help make everyday school life easier and smoother for the student by activating friendship and good relationship luck.  The best way is by having the student carry around his/her secret friend and allies.  It is also excellent to enhance his/her study area with figurines of the secret friend and the 2 ally animals.

allies and secret friends

4.  Place a crystal globe on the study table to invite the luck of knowledge.  Twirl the globe 8 times clockwise before studying.  Have the student carry a piece of natural crystal, wear 1 eye dzi, 11 eye dzi, wear crystal, smokey quartz, lapis lazuli or amethyst bracelet for girl and tiger eye, lapis lazuli or smokey quartz bracelets for boy while studying to enhance concentration, improve attention and memory.  Hanging crystals in the Northeast sector of the house will also enhance for good education luck.

5.  Display the 7 level pagoda on the study table to enhance the luck of higher education.  Place the carp leaping across the dragon gate next to the student’s bedroom door to bring perseverance, courage and determination.

6.  Place the 3 chi lin on top of the mountains with a calligraphy brush at the back of the studying desk to bring success in all their endeavors.

7.  Place the windhorse in the South sector to enhance for recognition luck, be at the head of the class, and to be at the top of the any school competition.

8.  If there is an alter in the home, invite in wisdom and education luck from Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom and Knowledge.

9.  Decorate the student’s laptop or phone with auspicious decals or lucky charms such as the jade cicada to bring protection and remove any obstacles in their path to success.

10.  Enhance the student’s confidence and give support luck  from  teachers and friends by having them carry the dragon tortoise or place a dragon tortoise in the North of the bedroom or at the back of the study desk.

Along with the feng shui tips, we hope that the new school year will go smoothly for all the students.  Good luck everyone!

September Monthly Flying Stars

Don’t forget to update the monthly flying stars. 

September 2014 Flying Star Chart 


5 9 7
NW: 5 Yearly / 2 Monthly N:  9 Yearly / 6 Monthly NE:  7 Yearly / 4 Monthly
6 4 2
W:  6 Yearly / 3 Monthly C:  4 Yearly / 1 Monthly E:  2 Yearly / 8 Monthly
1 8 3
SW:  1 Yearly / 7 Monthly S:  8 Yearly / 5 Monthly SE:  3 Yearly / 9 Monthly



Southwest:  Those with a Southwest facing entry should beware of  potential robbery or break-ins.  Make sure to place a running water feature in in the Southwest along with a figurine of a blue rhino for protection.  The female of the household or those born under the zodiac sign of the sheep or monkey should carry a blue rhino charm and place a pack of 6 peacock feathers in the car to protect against accidents and theft.  There is great potential for business success; however, be diligent and make sure to go over contracts with a find come before signing.  Hang the Gesar of Ling plaque to be victorious and to conquer all bad intention or obstacle to your success.

Center:  For those back in school, make sure to place the crystal point with the wisdom mantra in the center of the house  or on your study desk to help get you back into the study mode.  For those who want to make top grades, carry the jade cicada or wear  the 11 eye DZI, and hang the Windhorse prayer flag or the 8 Auspicious Objects prayer flag up high at the center of house. 

Northwest:  September will be a tough month for the patriarch, those with Northwest facing entry homes and for the person born under the Boar or Dog zodiac sign.  The 5/2 combination brings misfortunes, obstacles and illnesses.  The Northwest sector need to be protected in September.  Hang lots of metal wind chimes such as the Amitabha Buddha wind chimes or  the metal wu lou wind chimes.  It is vital to place the 5 element pagoda and the Kalachakara Stupa or the Vairocana Stupa in the Northwest to ward off  misfortune.  Carry the 5 element pagoda card or the Kalachakara 5 Yellow keychain to remove obstacles.  Those residing in this sector should place a golden wu lou next to their bedside to protect their health and hang a blue rhino amulet in their car to protect against accidents.  It is important, especially the elderly, to wear the Medicine DZI bracelet, the Increase Life Force medallion, the Medicine Buddha mantra watch or carry the Medicine Buddha card or the health amulet to protect against against sickness.

West:  Those born under the the Rooster zodiac sign and those residing in the West sector are prone to misunderstandings and arguments in September.  Enhance for harmony and peace with the 3 Divine Guradians with the Ksitigarbha Buddha in the West sector.  Wear the Fabulous Bird DZI  or carry  the Ksitigarbha Buddha card in your wallet to avoid arguments which can lead to potential law suits.  To make sure that you get support and help from powerful mentor, make sure to invite the Jade Emperor to the West sector.

South:  There are obstacles this month for those born under the Horse zodiac sign or those who reside in the South sector.  It is vital to place the 5 element pagoda and the Kalachakara Stupa or the Vairocana Stupa in the South to protect against misfortune.  Carry the annual amulet  or wear the Wealth Enhancing scarf to magnify wealth and success luck.   Carry the 5 element pagoda card or the Kalachakara 5 Yellow keychain to remove obstacles.  Those residing in this sector should also place a golden wu lou next to their bedside to protect their health and hang a blue rhino amulet in their car to protect against accidents.  Invite in the Vaishravana,  the chief of the Four Heavenly Kings, also known as Kubera, to bring blessing and prosperity into you home.

North:  Those residing in the North sector or those born under the Rat zodiac sign can look forward to a good month in September.  There’s unexpected windfall luck coming their way so enhance this by wearing the Success & Wealth medallion, the Victory Producing medallion or carry the victory coin.  Capture the luck of opportunities by placing the 6 Heaven Coin plaque in the North.

East:  The Rabbit zodiac person has excellent wealth making opportunities this month as long as they make sure to enhance their vitality luck and stay energized.  Wear the Medicine Buddha DZI or the Medicine Buddha mantra watch to keep from getting sick.   Make sure that the East is protected by hanging the Medicine Buddha mantra plaque and placing a wu lou  on their nightstand.  Energize for the energy of the Wealth Star to come in with the 8 Immortals on a mountain or the Vairocana Stupa in the East.

Southeast:  Those born under the Dragon or the Snake zodiac should enhance for harmony luck with the Amitabha red crystal ball in the Southeast.  Make sure that you get the respect of others by inviting in the Red Tara.  Multiply your prosperity and  much needed income luck with White Dzambhala plaque in the office.

Northeast:  Single Tiger and single Ox will meet lots of interesting and new people in September.  However, do not be too trusting.  If you like to party, make sure to carry the Nightspot Protection amulet with you at all time.   To  make sure that you meet the right people, wear the 2 eye DZI.  Those with a Northeast entry, make sure to place the rhino and elephant yin water cups to keep unscrupulous people at bay. If you are back in school, make sure to place the carp crossing the dragon’s gate in the Northeast to help with good grades.

Click here for information regarding 2014 Yearly Flying Star chart.


WOFS USA Welcomes in the Moon Festival


World Of Feng Shui USA welcomes in the Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the celebration that is associated with the full moon because it falls on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, which at that time of the year, the moon is at its roundest.  In 2014, the Moon Festival falls on September 8th.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival, after the Spring Festival, in China. On this day, family members gather to appreciate the bright full moon, eat moon cakes at night, and spend time with their love ones.

Chinese legend has it that in ancient times, ten suns existed and the extreme heat made people’s lives very difficult. It was the hero Hou Yi who, owing to his great strength, shot down nine of the ten suns. On hearing of this amazing feat and the hero who performed it, people came from far reaches to learn from him. Peng Meng was among these people. Later, Hou Yi married a beautiful and kind woman named Chang E and lived a happy life.

One day, Hou Yi came upon the Queen of Heaven, Wangmu, on the way to meet a friend.  Wangmu presented him with an elixir which, if drunk, would cause him to ascend immediately to heaven and become an immortal. However, instead of drinking the potion himself, Hou Yi took it home and presented it to his wife, Chang E, to keep. Unfortunately, Peng Meng secretly saw Hou Yi give the potion to his wife and wanted immortality for himself.   While Hou Yi was out hunting, Peng Meng accosted Chang E and demanded that she hand over the elixir. Knowing that she could not win, she took out the elixir and swallowed it immediately. The moment she drank it, she flew out of the window and up into the sky. Chang E’s great love for her husband drew her towards the moon, which is the nearest heavenly body to the earth.

Upon discovering what happened to his wife, Hou Yi was so grief stricken that he shouted Chang E’ s name to the sky and was amazed to see a figure which looked just like his wife appeared in the moon. He took the food liked by Chang E to an altar and offered it as a sacrifice for her. Hou Yi’s neighbors also burned incense and prepared food to express their good wishes to the kind Chang E.  This is an ancient legend explaining how the custom of Moon offerings came about.

Different customs have evolved in different areas regarding this traditional festival. The most significant customs are to appreciate and offer sacrifice to the round bright moon and eat moon cakes. Other activities like dragon dancing and doing obeisance to the moon are also considered highly important.  Today, sacrifice has been replaced by a simple appreciation of the moon. Members of a family usually sit around a table eating and talking to their heart content and at the same time admiring the bright moon. While looking up the moon, people will think of their relatives afar and good wishes are expressed in their mind.

As with every Chinese holiday, the Mid-Autumn Festival has its own special food. People eat moon cakes for celebration. The moon cake is a kind of cookie with various  fillings and on the surface are printed different artistic patterns depicting the story of Chang E flying to the moon. People treated this kind of food as one of the sacrificial offerings to the moon in the old days. Today, it has become an indispensable food while appreciating the bright moon for every family. Moon cakes come in various flavors which change according to the region but common fillings are nuts, sugar, sesame, ham and egg yolk.

As the moon cake is round in shape, it symbolizes the reunion of a family, so it is easy to understand how the eating of moon cakes under the round moon can inspire the missing of distant relatives. Nowadays, people present the moon cakes to relatives and friends to demonstrate that they wish them a long and happy life.

The World Of Feng Shui USA family wishes everyone near and far a wonderful Moon Festival and may there be much wealth, good health and happiness always.

Chang E

Bonus Class on Friday, January 16th, 2015: Introduction to I-Ching Presented By Peter Lung

I CHING_Flyer_011615

  World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas

WOFS Plaque-color-OL

proudly presents

Introduction to I-CHING  易經

Presented By Peter Lung

Friday, January 16th, 2015 (1 Day Class)

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

If you are attending 2015 Feng Shui Extravaganza in Las Vegas, don’t forget to sign-up and take advantage of this Bonus Class on Friday!

What is I-Ching?

I-Ching is the world’s oldest book and intuitive decision-making system.  The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is based on the binary logic of yin/yang.  It is used to derive personal strategy and insights based on natural wisdom — as pertaining to human problems that logic alone cannot handle.  This divination system was used by Chinese Emperors, over 5000 years, to provide advice and to aid in making decisions, predicting the future, etc. It is a long-standing and popular source of wisdom and inspiration. The I-Ching is the essence of Taoist philosophy.

I Ching is a divination used in Feng Shui practice and Paht Chee reading. Understanding I-Ching will assist in the mastering of Feng Shui.

What you can learn from this class:

  • Understand I-Ching to master basic Feng Shui.
  • How to define yin and yang on a coin.
  • Define the basic meaning of the I-Ching – 3 lines known as TRIGRAM.
  • Method of combining  8 TRIGRAMS into 64 HEXAGRAMS.
  • How to apply  pairs of TRIGRAMS to form 64 HEXAGRAMS.
  • How to administer the proper way/method of using the Emperor Coin to ask question  and the technique of obtaining answers from the HEXAGRAMS.
  • How to interpret  or get insights from those answers.
  • How to differentiate and  read each lines of the HEXAGRAM.
  • Introduction to one of the earliest method of fortune telling, the Turtle Shell Oracle.


Early Bird Special Price:  US$ 288.00Early Bird Special  if registered before December 1, 2014, receive a $50 gift certificate, valid for 1 year, redeemable at WOFS USA – Las Vegas and Honolulu store locations.  For those who are eligible for the $50 gift certificate, certificate will be distributed at the class.

Regular Price:  US$ 288.00  -  Registrations AFTER December 1, 2014 (No Gift Certificate)



Handouts, 6 Emperor Coins and I-Ching Oracle Divination Cards will be given out during the class.  

Seats are limited.  Payments must be received to reserve a seat.

 LV Strip

VENUE:  The Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino located on the Strip

  3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109  Tel: (702) 369-5000

(Special hotel room rate available if book with group code SFWFS5 while supply last)


linq 1366230624068 Harrah

All tuition fees are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.  This 1 day training is taught by, feng shui consultant and teacher, Peter Lung, of World Of Feng Shui USA.  

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  World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas

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Orgullosamente presenta


Presentado Por Peter Lung

Friday, January 16th, 2015 (1 Day Class)

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


¿Qué es el I-Ching?

I-Ching es el libro más antiguo del mundo y el intuitivo sistema para tomar decisiones. El I- Ching o libro de los cambios, se basa en la lógica binaria de yin/yang. Se utiliza para obtener estrategias personal y perspectivas basados en la sabiduría natural — como referente a los problemas humanos que la lógica por sí sola no puede manejar. Este sistema de adivinación fue utilizado por los emperadores chinos, hace más de 5000 años, para asesorar y ayudar en la toma de decisiones, prediciendo el futuro, etc. Es una fuente inagotable de sabiduría e inspiración antigua y popular. El I-Ching es la esencia de la filosofía taoísta.

I-Ching es una adivinación usado en la práctica del Feng Shui y el análisis del Paht Chee. La comprensión del I-Ching le ayudará en la masterización del Feng Shui.

¿Qué se puede aprender de esta clase?:

  • Comprender I-Ching para dominar lo básico del Feng Shui.
  • Cómo definir el yin y el yang en una moneda.
  • Definir el significado básico de I-Ching – 3 líneas conocidas como TRIGRAMA.
  • Método de combinar 8 TRIGRAMAS en 64 HEXAGRAMAS.
  • Cómo aplicar pares de TRIGRAMAS para formar 64 HEXAGRAMAS.
  • Cómo administrar la forma y método adecuado del uso de la moneda del emperador para   hacer la pregunta y la técnica de obtener respuestas de los HEXAGRAMAS.
  • Cómo interpretar u obtener conocimientos de esas respuestas.
  • Cómo diferenciar y leer cada línea del HEXAGRAMA.
  • Introducción a uno de los primeros métodos de adivinación, el oráculo de la concha de tortuga.


El precio con traducción simultánea al español. Pago anticipado precio Especial: $ 388.00 USD. – Especial si paga con anticipación y se registra antes del 01 de diciembre 2014, recibirá un certificado de regalo de $ 50. USD. Válido por 1 año, canjeable en WOFS USA – Las Vegas y Honolulu ubicaciones de las tiendas. Para aquellos que son elegibles para recibir el regalo del certificado de $ 50, el certificado se le entregara en la clase.

Precio regular: $ 388.00 USD – para las Inscripciones DESPUÉS 01 de diciembre 2014 (No aplica el certificado de regalo).



Durante la clase se les entregara: instructivo, 6 Monedas del Emperador, y tarjetas para la adivinación del oráculo del I-Ching.

El cupo es limitado. El costo de la clase debe de estar pagado para reservar su lugar.

 LV Strip

LUGAR: Las Vegas Hotel Casino The Harrah’s situado en el Strip

  3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109  Tel: (702) 369-5000

(Tarifa especial en las habitaciones de hotel disponibles, haga su reservación con el código de grupo SFWFS5, habitaciones limitadas).


linq 1366230624068 Harrah

Todas las cuotas de matrícula no son reembolsables y no se pueden cancelar. La clase de 1 día es impartido por el Consultor y Maestro de Feng Shui, Peter Lung, de World Of Feng Shui USA.

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