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Here’s your June 2018 – WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

We are entering the second fire month of 2018. There is Yang Fire throughout the Horse (Fire element) month, so it is best to wear yellow, beige, blue, grey, black, gold, silver and white color clothes with jewelry and stone beads that will bring you good luck. For the half year cleanse, use incense or sage to purify the negative energy in your house & office to enhance your luck for the rest of the year.

June 21 is a good day to have the Tara and Medicine Buddha puja. The full moon night of June 28 is an auspicious day for the Medicine Buddha puja.  It will be advisable to pray to the Medicine Buddha for good health and your wishes on the Tara puja day.

The best days to hang prayer flags are June 16, 17, 19, 24 and 27, it will brings lots of auspicious luck and good energy to you.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in

JUNE 2018

June 6 – July 6, 2018 – Month of the

Yang Fire Horse

Horse: There will be unexpected expenses so control what you spend and try to keep emergency money for the month. Also, pay attention to any new investments you make.  There will be obstacles due to a harmful star, so carry the 5 Element Pagoda card or 5 Element Pagoda keychain to exhaust the negative energy.

Sheep: Since there will be lots of obstacles this month including family matters, it is advisable to reorganize furniture in your home to revitalize your home energy. Carry the Life Force Keychain with double dorje or Four Armed Buddha gold card to enhance the energy level.

Monkey: Beware of car accidents or losing personal belongings in June. In addition, it is not the right month to invest and loan money to others. Consider carrying the Anti-Burglary keychain the White Dzambhala – God of Wealth card to control the bad energy; the White Dzambhala beneficial to the Rooster and Monkey born person.

Rooster: Control your temper and beware of signing legal documents. Remove plants from the West of your bedroom and carry “Tzi Chi Kau” Red Dog keychain or Chundi Buddha card for protection. Pregnant women and elder Rooster born person should pay attention to their health.

Dog: You will have great support from friends and family. There will be lots of opportunities for small investment; however, do not be greedy. Taking small profits is advisable. Carry the Victory Banner talisman and hang the Windhorse prayer flags on your desk to enhance the auspicious luck.

Boar: It is not the optimal month to make the major decision or drastic changes. Pay attention to your health and take good care of yourself. Place the Wu Lou next to your bed or carry the Garuda Wu Lou keychain and Medicine Buddha card to exhaust the sickness energy.

Rat: This month you will have windfall luck and great opportunities for investments. On the other hand, you should control your temper and beware of signing legal documents. Carry the Namtose Card – King of Wealth or Victory coin for better luck.

Ox: Take more rest and pay attention to your health. It is an excellent month for you to learn new things and expand your network. Consider carrying the Education & Scholastic keychain or Manjushri Buddha card for wisdom.

Tiger: There will be great opportunities this month including chances to establish joint ventures with others. Carry the Victory coin or the Green Dzambhala – God of Wealth card, the wealth Buddha for Tiger and Rabbit born person, to capture your good luck.

Rabbit: This month there is strong relationship luck and money luck. Capture the good luck by carrying the Wealth & Success Amulet and Yellow Dzambhala card.

Dragon: It will be a smooth month at work, and all prior obstacles will be gone. Carry the Jade Emperor Heaven amulet and the Kwan Kung card to bring Nobleman star to you.

Snake: There will be unexpected good news and strong money luck. You should take these opportunities to expand your business and focus on your work. To enhance this month’s luck, put the Windhorse in your office or home and carry Red Dzambhala card .


Here’s your April 2018 – WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Saturday, March 31st, 2018

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 

APRIL 2018

April 5 – May 4, 2018 –

Month of the Yang Fire Dragon


Here’s your March 2018 – WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 

MARCH 2018


March 5 to April 4, 2018 – Month of the Yin Wood Rabbit

Rabbit: There will be lots of social activities and friends & family gathering. You need to control what you eat and take more rest. Wear the Medicine Buddha necklace to protect you from sickness.

Dragon: It will be the month for you to lay low, as you will be quickly upset others and there will be lots of misunderstanding happening to you.  You might consider carrying the  Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog amulet to exhaust the negative energy.

Snake:  You will have excellent support from friends and co-workers this month, and you should take this opportunity to achieve your goal.  It is not the right month to invest.

Horse: Horse person will have excellent opportunity to work with others, it will not be easy to start the new project with lots of obstacles, and luckily it will be finished at the end.  You should prepare your plan and option to overcome all the obstacles this month.  Display the Mountain of Gold with Great Increasing mantra on your desk to attract wealth luck from the new project.

Sheep: It will be the great month for you to learn new things.  You need to handle legal documents carefully;  otherwise, it will create significant issues due to your mistake.

Monkey:  You are unable to keep the money even though you have strong money luck this month.  You should spend your money wisely.  Consider carrying the Victory coin to secure your wealth luck.

Rooster: There will be obstacles and beware of the car accident during the Rabbit month.  It will be the month for you to lay low and carry the 10 Hums with the Dharmachakra Amulet to overcome the negative energy.

Dog: There will be lots of issues at home, and you will be disturbed.  The energy level is low, and you should take good care of yourself.  Carry the Life Force Amulet to increase your energy level.  By the way, you will have great support from your friends and co-workers.

Boar: There will be new project and opportunity for career advancement as well as your own business, but you must carefully read all the details before signing any legal documents.  Beware of signing any legal documents and tax documents this month.

Rat: You will have the same problem with the Monkey born person.  You are unable to keep the money, even though you have strong money luck this month.  You should spend your money wisely.  Consider carrying the 12 Zodiac Victory coin to secure your wealth luck.

Ox:  You may be disturbed by other’s unconstrained conversation to make you upset, please control your temper and avoid the gossip.  You can place the Bejeweled Rooster facing the door to counter the negative energy from them.  Money luck is firm and just focus your work.

Tiger: Control your temper, and you will quickly upset others.  There will be lots of misunderstanding about you.  Please communicate with your co-worker and friend with caution.  Carry the Tzi Chi Kau red dog amulet to exhaust the negative energy.


Welcome the Year of the Earth Dog in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Luck for the Yang Earth Dog in 2018

Tuesday, December 26th, 2017


Here’s your December 2017 – WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Friday, December 1st, 2017


Here’s your November 2017 – WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Please come to celebrate our WOFS USA Las Vegas 16th Anniversary with you on Saturday, November 18th. Looking forward to seeing you!


Celebrate our WOFS USA Honolulu 14th Anniversary with you on Saturday, November 4th. Looking forward to see you!

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS SOON! Feng Shui Extravaganza Las Vegas 2018

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Chinese New Year will start on February 16, 2018, but the Feng Shui energy will be changed February 4, 2018, after 05:36 AM.

Feng Shui Extravaganza 2018 in Las Vegas will be held on January 13, 2018, and it will be enough time for you to prepare for the coming year.

According to the Flying Star and Paht Chee chart for the Year of the Yang Earth Dog, it will not be the smooth year, and we all need to know how to obtain the limited luck and control the negative energy.

  • The real estate price will be stable, and it will be the excellent time to invest for better deal…

  • The stock market will not be high as this year, and you need to pay attention what kind of stock you should invest in 2018….

  • The eldest daughter in your family will be lucky, and you can keep an eye of Ivanka Trump, she will bring lots of excellent opportunities to USA….

  • If your house’s front door is facing one of these directions – Northwest, South, Southwest and Southeast, you will enjoy excellent luck for the coming year, and you should learn how to obtain all the good luck….

I will share with you lots of information for the Year of the Yang Earth Dog during the Feng Shui Extravaganza in Las Vegas.  Do not forget to purchase the Early Bird special ticket price of US$138.00 before October 21, 2017.  Regular ticket price is US$188.00.  (Please note that all the proceeds of the ticket will be donated to Asian Community Development Council in Las Vegas).

There will be Feng Shui class on January 12, 2018 and please go to for more information.

Here’s your SEPTEMBER 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Powerful Wind Chimes

Some people may think that they hang wind chimes at the house, it means that they set up Feng Shui. It is not 100% corrected. Wood and metal wind chimes should be hung to the right sector for good luck, the number of the rod will help to bring different kinds of luck. If you place wind chimes in the wrong area, it will bring you bad luck instead.

The powerful 6 Rods Metal Wind Chimes will control the negative earth star (number 2 illness star and five yellow star) and wood star (number 3 argument star). Also, you can hang the Metal Wind Chimes to attract gambling and investment luck. If you would like to attract the windfall luck, you should hang it at North and East sector this year. According to a Feng Shui rule, wind chimes can’t hang above the Pi Yao; otherwise, it will not bring luck to you. 9 Rods of wind chime should be hung at Northeast and Southeast for opportunities, relationship and education luck.  8 Rods wind chimes is good for money luck.