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10 Useful Back to School Feng Shui Tips for Students of Any Age

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014


September’s here and, ready or not, it’s back to school time!  Here are 10 useful back to school feng shui tips for students of any age:

1.  Because this is the start of a new school year, enhance for new energy with new outfits and school supplies.  When purchasing these items, consider the student’s paht chee and keep in mind the elements that will best enhance the student’s self element.  Purchase outfits or supplies in the colors that will enhance for their success.  For example, if the student’s self element is weak wood, avoid red color clothing or backpack.  It will be beneficial for him/her to wear green, blue or black in order to strengthen his/her element.

2.  Enhance the student’s study area.  Make sure that the desk is place where the student can sit facing his/her good directions.  Determine what directions are good or bad by figuring out the individual’s Kua number.  Use the formula below to calculate  kua number.

Kua Calculation_Page_2 Kua Calculation_Page_3 Kua Calculation_Page_4
Kua Calculation_Page_5 Kua Calculation_Page_6 Kua Calculation_Page_7

3.  Help make everyday school life easier and smoother for the student by activating friendship and good relationship luck.  The best way is by having the student carry around his/her secret friend and allies.  It is also excellent to enhance his/her study area with figurines of the secret friend and the 2 ally animals.

allies and secret friends

4.  Place a crystal globe on the study table to invite the luck of knowledge.  Twirl the globe 8 times clockwise before studying.  Have the student carry a piece of natural crystal, wear 1 eye dzi, 11 eye dzi, wear crystal, smokey quartz, lapis lazuli or amethyst bracelet for girl and tiger eye, lapis lazuli or smokey quartz bracelets for boy while studying to enhance concentration, improve attention and memory.  Hanging crystals in the Northeast sector of the house will also enhance for good education luck.

5.  Display the 7 level pagoda on the study table to enhance the luck of higher education.  Place the carp leaping across the dragon gate next to the student’s bedroom door to bring perseverance, courage and determination.

6.  Place the 3 chi lin on top of the mountains with a calligraphy brush at the back of the studying desk to bring success in all their endeavors.

7.  Place the windhorse in the South sector to enhance for recognition luck, be at the head of the class, and to be at the top of the any school competition.

8.  If there is an alter in the home, invite in wisdom and education luck from Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom and Knowledge.

9.  Decorate the student’s laptop or phone with auspicious decals or lucky charms such as the jade cicada to bring protection and remove any obstacles in their path to success.

10.  Enhance the student’s confidence and give support luck  from  teachers and friends by having them carry the dragon tortoise or place a dragon tortoise in the North of the bedroom or at the back of the study desk.

Along with the feng shui tips, we hope that the new school year will go smoothly for all the students.  Good luck everyone!

September Monthly Flying Stars

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Don’t forget to update the monthly flying stars. 

September 2014 Flying Star Chart 


5 9 7
NW: 5 Yearly / 2 Monthly N:  9 Yearly / 6 Monthly NE:  7 Yearly / 4 Monthly
6 4 2
W:  6 Yearly / 3 Monthly C:  4 Yearly / 1 Monthly E:  2 Yearly / 8 Monthly
1 8 3
SW:  1 Yearly / 7 Monthly S:  8 Yearly / 5 Monthly SE:  3 Yearly / 9 Monthly



Southwest:  Those with a Southwest facing entry should beware of  potential robbery or break-ins.  Make sure to place a running water feature in in the Southwest along with a figurine of a blue rhino for protection.  The female of the household or those born under the zodiac sign of the sheep or monkey should carry a blue rhino charm and place a pack of 6 peacock feathers in the car to protect against accidents and theft.  There is great potential for business success; however, be diligent and make sure to go over contracts with a find come before signing.  Hang the Gesar of Ling plaque to be victorious and to conquer all bad intention or obstacle to your success.

Center:  For those back in school, make sure to place the crystal point with the wisdom mantra in the center of the house  or on your study desk to help get you back into the study mode.  For those who want to make top grades, carry the jade cicada or wear  the 11 eye DZI, and hang the Windhorse prayer flag or the 8 Auspicious Objects prayer flag up high at the center of house. 

Northwest:  September will be a tough month for the patriarch, those with Northwest facing entry homes and for the person born under the Boar or Dog zodiac sign.  The 5/2 combination brings misfortunes, obstacles and illnesses.  The Northwest sector need to be protected in September.  Hang lots of metal wind chimes such as the Amitabha Buddha wind chimes or  the metal wu lou wind chimes.  It is vital to place the 5 element pagoda and the Kalachakara Stupa or the Vairocana Stupa in the Northwest to ward off  misfortune.  Carry the 5 element pagoda card or the Kalachakara 5 Yellow keychain to remove obstacles.  Those residing in this sector should place a golden wu lou next to their bedside to protect their health and hang a blue rhino amulet in their car to protect against accidents.  It is important, especially the elderly, to wear the Medicine DZI bracelet, the Increase Life Force medallion, the Medicine Buddha mantra watch or carry the Medicine Buddha card or the health amulet to protect against against sickness.

West:  Those born under the the Rooster zodiac sign and those residing in the West sector are prone to misunderstandings and arguments in September.  Enhance for harmony and peace with the 3 Divine Guradians with the Ksitigarbha Buddha in the West sector.  Wear the Fabulous Bird DZI  or carry  the Ksitigarbha Buddha card in your wallet to avoid arguments which can lead to potential law suits.  To make sure that you get support and help from powerful mentor, make sure to invite the Jade Emperor to the West sector.

South:  There are obstacles this month for those born under the Horse zodiac sign or those who reside in the South sector.  It is vital to place the 5 element pagoda and the Kalachakara Stupa or the Vairocana Stupa in the South to protect against misfortune.  Carry the annual amulet  or wear the Wealth Enhancing scarf to magnify wealth and success luck.   Carry the 5 element pagoda card or the Kalachakara 5 Yellow keychain to remove obstacles.  Those residing in this sector should also place a golden wu lou next to their bedside to protect their health and hang a blue rhino amulet in their car to protect against accidents.  Invite in the Vaishravana,  the chief of the Four Heavenly Kings, also known as Kubera, to bring blessing and prosperity into you home.

North:  Those residing in the North sector or those born under the Rat zodiac sign can look forward to a good month in September.  There’s unexpected windfall luck coming their way so enhance this by wearing the Success & Wealth medallion, the Victory Producing medallion or carry the victory coin.  Capture the luck of opportunities by placing the 6 Heaven Coin plaque in the North.

East:  The Rabbit zodiac person has excellent wealth making opportunities this month as long as they make sure to enhance their vitality luck and stay energized.  Wear the Medicine Buddha DZI or the Medicine Buddha mantra watch to keep from getting sick.   Make sure that the East is protected by hanging the Medicine Buddha mantra plaque and placing a wu lou  on their nightstand.  Energize for the energy of the Wealth Star to come in with the 8 Immortals on a mountain or the Vairocana Stupa in the East.

Southeast:  Those born under the Dragon or the Snake zodiac should enhance for harmony luck with the Amitabha red crystal ball in the Southeast.  Make sure that you get the respect of others by inviting in the Red Tara.  Multiply your prosperity and  much needed income luck with White Dzambhala plaque in the office.

Northeast:  Single Tiger and single Ox will meet lots of interesting and new people in September.  However, do not be too trusting.  If you like to party, make sure to carry the Nightspot Protection amulet with you at all time.   To  make sure that you meet the right people, wear the 2 eye DZI.  Those with a Northeast entry, make sure to place the rhino and elephant yin water cups to keep unscrupulous people at bay. If you are back in school, make sure to place the carp crossing the dragon’s gate in the Northeast to help with good grades.

Click here for information regarding 2014 Yearly Flying Star chart.


Bonus Class on Friday, January 16th, 2015: Introduction to I-Ching Presented By Peter Lung

Saturday, August 9th, 2014
I CHING_Flyer_011615

  World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas

WOFS Plaque-color-OL

proudly presents

Introduction to I-CHING  易經

Presented By Peter Lung

Friday, January 16th, 2015 (1 Day Class)

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

If you are attending 2015 Feng Shui Extravaganza in Las Vegas, don’t forget to sign-up and take advantage of this Bonus Class on Friday!

What is I-Ching?

I-Ching is the world’s oldest book and intuitive decision-making system.  The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is based on the binary logic of yin/yang.  It is used to derive personal strategy and insights based on natural wisdom — as pertaining to human problems that logic alone cannot handle.  This divination system was used by Chinese Emperors, over 5000 years, to provide advice and to aid in making decisions, predicting the future, etc. It is a long-standing and popular source of wisdom and inspiration. The I-Ching is the essence of Taoist philosophy.

I Ching is a divination used in Feng Shui practice and Paht Chee reading. Understanding I-Ching will assist in the mastering of Feng Shui.

What you can learn from this class:

  • Understand I-Ching to master basic Feng Shui.
  • How to define yin and yang on a coin.
  • Define the basic meaning of the I-Ching – 3 lines known as TRIGRAM.
  • Method of combining  8 TRIGRAMS into 64 HEXAGRAMS.
  • How to apply  pairs of TRIGRAMS to form 64 HEXAGRAMS.
  • How to administer the proper way/method of using the Emperor Coin to ask question  and the technique of obtaining answers from the HEXAGRAMS.
  • How to interpret  or get insights from those answers.
  • How to differentiate and  read each lines of the HEXAGRAM.
  • Introduction to one of the earliest method of fortune telling, the Turtle Shell Oracle.


Early Bird Special Price:  US$ 288.00Early Bird Special  if registered before December 1, 2014, receive a $50 gift certificate, valid for 1 year, redeemable at WOFS USA – Las Vegas and Honolulu store locations.  For those who are eligible for the $50 gift certificate, certificate will be distributed at the class.

Regular Price:  US$ 288.00  -  Registrations AFTER December 1, 2014 (No Gift Certificate)



Handouts, 6 Emperor Coins and I-Ching Oracle Divination Cards will be given out during the class.  

Seats are limited.  Payments must be received to reserve a seat.

 LV Strip

VENUE:  The Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino located on the Strip

  3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109  Tel: (702) 369-5000

(Special hotel room rate available if book with group code SFWFS5 while supply last)


linq 1366230624068 Harrah

All tuition fees are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.  This 1 day training is taught by, feng shui consultant and teacher, Peter Lung, of World Of Feng Shui USA.  

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The Power of Prayer Flags

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014


The Power of Prayer Flags  

A prayer flag is a colorful rectangular cloth, often found strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas.  They are used to bless the surrounding countryside and for other purposes. Prayer flags are believed to have originated with Bon, which predated Buddhism in Tibet.  In Bon, shamanistic Bonpo used primary-colored plain flags in healing ceremonies in Nepal. Traditional prayer flags include woodblock-printed text and images.

Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, which is a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all.  By hanging flags in high places the Lung ta, the Windhorse, will carry the blessings depicted on the flags to all beings. As wind passes over the surface of the flags, which are sensitive to the slightest movement of the wind, the air is purified and sanctified by the mantras.  The prayers of a flag become a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from exposure to the elements. Just as life moves on and is replaced by new life, Tibetans renew their hopes for the world by continually mounting new flags alongside the old. This act symbolizes a welcoming of life’s changes and an acknowledgment that all beings are part of a greater ongoing cycle.

Because the symbols and mantras on prayer flags are sacred, they should be treated with respect. They should not be placed on the ground or used on clothing. Old prayer flags should be burned.  Old prayer flags are replaced with new ones annually.

Some believe that if the flags are hung on inauspicious astrological dates, they may bring negative results for as long as they are flying. The best time to put up new prayer flags is in the morning on sunny, windy days.

In Feng Shui, we use prayer flags to promote good fortune and to ward off danger.  The 5 colors represents the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood).  Hanging assorted prayer flags at home will invite in much auspicious energy.


16674 Buddha of Compassion Prayer Food Set of 10 .1.2 12701 8 Auspicious paper garland 16679 8 Auspicious Symbols Large Prayer Flags
Buddha of Compassion Prayer Flags
8 Auspicious Paper Garland
8 Auspicious Objects Prayer Flags
16683 Medicine Buddha Set of 10 Prayer Flags 16682 Buddha of Compassion (mini) Set of 10 windhorse prayer flags mini
Blue Medicine Buddha Prayer Flags
OmManiPadmeHum Prayer Flags
Windhorse Paper Garland
13344 5 Buddha Prayer Flag paper garland 16676 Guru Rinpoche Prayer Flag 1 16680 Medicine Buddha Prayer Flag 1
5 Buddhas Paper Garland
Guru Rinpoche Prayer Flags
Medicine Buddha Prayer Flags



PLUS FREE SHIPPING with minimum of purchase of $48.00 until August 24th.


Sale not valid with other promo, except for free shipping with minimum of $48.00 promo.  Sale not valid with any other discount.  Sale not valid with already discounted items.

2015 Feng Shui Extravaganza Tickets NOW AVAILABLE for Special Price!

Saturday, July 19th, 2014
2015 Feng Shui Extravaganza With Rates 300pxl


World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas

WOFS Plaque-color-OL

proudly presents

2015 Feng Shui Extravaganza Las Vegas

Presented by Peter Lung

Discover How to Seize & Magnify the Prosperity & Wealth Luck of 2015

Year of the Yin Wood Sheep

Event details:

DAY 1:  January 17th, 2015, Saturday  

(Time: 10AM – 4PM)

  • - Feng Shui Outlook for 2015 & Detailed Analysis of the Luck of All 12 Zodiac Animal Signs
  • - No Lap Chun (Spring) in 2015:  Learn How to Prepare for a Year with No Lap Chun
  • - Find Out How to Prepare for the Changing New Year

DAY 2:  January 18th, 2015, Sunday  

(Time: 10AM – 4PM)

  • - Learn How to Incorporate your Individual Paht Chee with the Luck of the Sheep Year  
  • - Get Monthly Tips for each Zodiac Animal Signs
(Birth date info will be needed at time of registration in order for us to prepare your FREE Personalized Paht Chee Booklet.)
 Please note, if ordering tickets online, we will contact you back, through email or over the phone, for birth date information.


Special Price:  

US$168.00 if ticket purchased by October 16th, 2014

Regular Price:  US$198.00 if ticket purchased after October 16th, 2014


Get an Extra 25% off your ticket price if you bring a friend.  Tickets must be purchased together on single receipt purchase to be eligible for Extra 25% off rate.  25% discount is eligible for each pricing tier.  Please call WOFS USA Las Vegas store at (702) 386-1888 directly for more information.  Special rate is also available online for purchasing 2 or more tickets.

free gift 2


2015 Year of the Sheep Commemorative Medallion.  This collectible gift is not available for sale.

All ticket proceeds for this event is to benefit

FirstMed Health+Wellness Center of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.



FirstMed Health and Wellness Center is a non-profit organization providing preventive and primary health care services to patients in Las Vegas, Nevada. FirstMed was conceived in 2009 by a group of physicians and professionals primarily to be able to serve the uninsured and under insured population. It is the core belief of FirstMed that a vulnerable population can be empowered through increased access to comprehensive healthcare services that help people become and stay employed, have adequate resources for healthy lives, and live in a healthy home and environment.
For more information on FirstMed, go to

 LV Strip

VENUE:  The Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino located on the Strip

  3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109  Tel: (702) 369-5000

(Special hotel room rate available if book with group code SFWFS5 while supply last)


linq 1366230624068 Harrah

This is a fundraiser to benefit FirstMed so all tuition fees are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.  This 2 days event is taught by, feng shui consultant and teacher, Peter Lung, of World Of Feng Shui USA.  

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Peter Lung’s September 2014 Feng Shui Courses NOW AVAILABLE!

Friday, June 27th, 2014
Septemberr 2014 Course banner

September 2014 Feng Shui Courses in Las Vegas

Presented By Peter Lung

NOW AVAILABLE! Limited Seatings.

September 19th – September 20th:

Feng Shui for Modern Living

This class is designed to give students a firm grounding in all the fundamentals of Feng Shui.  Students will be introduce to the various schools and formulas of Feng Shui that are important to understand in order to perform a complete and effective Feng Shui assessment of any property. By the end of this class, students will become familiar with all the working formulas of Feng Shui and how to effectively implement them together.
In this class, students will be taught how to take the big picture approach, as well as how to zoom in, identify and solve particular problems caused by Feng Shui.

This class is suitable for anyone seriously interested in gaining a comfortable working knowledge of Feng Shui, either to enhance their own homes or to use as a grounding and springboard for a career in Feng Shui. This class will give students a comprehensive BIG PICTURE approach on what Feng Shui is today and how Feng Shui can be use to improve lives. Feng Shui is a dynamic practice and its concepts MUST be understood in the context of modern living.

Who should attend this class?
This class is good for beginners, for those who have read feng shui books or attended some courses, or even practitioners.  After attending this class, YOU WILL SAY “FENG SHUI IS THAT SIMPLE”.
Tuition Fee:  Regular price of $688.00 if registered AFTER August 19, 2014

register now blue

September 21st – September 22nd:

Flying Star Feng Shui

飛星  Flying Star is an advanced and practical Feng Shui method of calculation to determine the daily luck, monthly luck, annual luck and luck of each period.  Feng Shui has 9 periods and each period contains 20 years.  We are currently in the lower Period 8.  YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO READ AND ANALYZE THE POWERFUL 9 NUMBERS.  YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO FIND THE WATER STAR (WEALTH) & MOUNTAIN STAR (HEALTH & HARMONY) OF YOUR HOME AND OFFICE FOR EVERY YEAR AND EVERY PERIOD.
Who should attend this class?
Student should already have understanding of basic Feng Shui or have attended the Basic Feng Shui class from Peter Lung.
Tuition Fee:  Regular Price of $688.00 if registered AFTER August 21, 2014.

register now blue

September 23rd – September 25th:

Professional Feng Shui Consultation Certification

风水大师  This course is designed for those who are considering the profession of a Feng Shui consultant or who have received various Feng Shui training and now wish to learn advanced techniques to enhance the luck of his or her own private or professional life. If one is already an interior designer, architects, landscape designers, real estate professionals, life coaches, professional organizers, professional gamblers, acupuncturists and practitioners of Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine or various business owners, this course will better enhance any existing professions because it will improve the health, family, love, creativity and prosperity in one’s own life and the lives of others.
From this course, students will learn advance Feng Shui methods for business and residences with highlights on Water Feng Shui, Flying Star, 8 Auspicious Method, Black Hat Sect, Spiritual Feng Shui and Paht Chee reading.  Students will be instructed on how to apply and incorporate client’s Paht Chee chart and all Feng Shui methods to the client’s reading and how to perform professional Feng Shui consultation with confidence.  Students will learn how to prepare complete Feng Shui recommendation report and professional Paht Chee reading chart.  They will learn how to give Feng Shui recommendations to housing complex, casino, hotel and big development project.
Who should attend this class?
Student should already be able to understand Paht Chee, Basic Feng Shui and Flying Star or have attended MPC course from Lillian Too or Basic Feng Shui, Paht Chee and Flying Star classes from Peter Lung.
At the end of the course, students will be certified by World Of Feng Shui – USA (Peter Lung) as professional Feng Shui consultants after passing the final examination.
Tuition Fee:  Regular Price of $1,688.00 if registered AFTER August 23, 2014.

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Special Package Tuition Fee Available for Attending 2 or More Classes by Peter Lung!

Peter's September 2014 LV 2 Class Combo            2 CLASS/4 DAYS                                   Special $988                                       Save $188
Peter's September 2014 LV 5 Day Modern FS Combo           2 CLASS/5 DAYS                                  Special $1688                                      Save $288
Peter's September 2014 LV 5 Day Flying Star Combo            2 CLASS/5 DAYS                                  Special $1688                                      Save $288
Peter's September 2014 LV 7 Days 3 Class Combo             3 CLASS/7 DAYS                                 Special $2088                                       Save $476
register now blue register now blue register now blue register now blue

The classes are held from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm on their designated dates.  All tuition fees are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.  All classes are taught by feng shui consultant and teacher, Peter Lung, of World Of Feng Shui USA.  All classes are taught in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas store location, 4011 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89102.  Registration is required for all feng shui classes.

For more information, please call WOFS USA Las Vegas store directly at 1 (702) 386-1888 or email  More class information are posted online at


Septiembre 2014 Feng Shui Cursos, en Las Vegas, NV, USA

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Septiembre 2014 Cursos de Feng Shui en Las Vegas, NV, USA

Ofrecido por Peter Lung

¡Regístrese ahora!  Número de asientos limitado.



Esta clase está diseñada para darles a los estudiantes una base sólida en todos los fundamentos del Feng Shui. A los estudiantes se les enseñara varias fórmulas de diferentes escuelas de Feng Shui que son importantes para entender con la finalidad de realizar con el Feng Shui evaluaciones completas y eficaces de cualquier propiedad. Al final de la clase, los estudiantes estarán familiarizados con todas las fórmulas para trabajar junto con el Feng Shui para aplicarlas eficazmente.
En esta clase a los estudiantes se les enseñara cómo visualizar un enfoque global, así como la forma de identificar y solucionar los problemas específicos causados por el Feng Shui.
Esta clase es conveniente para cualquier persona que está seriamente interesada en obtener de una forma confortable los conocimientos del Feng Shui, ya sea para usarlo en su casa o utilizarlo como una base y trampolín para una carrera dentro del Feng Shui. Esta clase les dará a los estudiantes un enfoque más amplio en lo que es el Feng Shui en la vida actual y como se puede utilizar el Feng Shui para mejorar la vida. Feng Shui es una práctica dinámica y sus conceptos deben de ser ampliamente entendida dentro del contexto de la vida moderna.
¿Quiénes deberán de asistir a esta clase?
Esta clase es buena para principiantes, los que han leído libros de Feng Shui y han asistido a algunos cursos o incluso para profesionales. Después de asistir a esta clase, usted dirá “Feng Shui es así de simple”
Valor de la inscripción: El costo de las inscripciones pagadas después del 19 de Agosto del 2014 será de $888.00 USD. El precio incluye 5 días la traducción simultánea al español.
regístrese ahora



飛星  La Estrella Voladora es un método avanzado y practico del Feng Shui, para calcular y determinar la suerte diaria, mensual y anual, la suerte en cada periodo. El Feng Shui tiene 9 periodos y cada periodo consta de 20 años. Actualmente estamos en el periodo inferior 8USTED APRENDERA COMO ENCONTRAR LA ESTRELLA DEL AGUA (DE LA RIQUEZA) Y LA ESTRELLA DE LA MONTAÑA (DE LA SALUD Y LA ARMONIA) EN SU CASA U OFICINA PARA CADA AÑO Y CADA PERIODO.
¿Quiénes pueden asistir a este curso?
Estudiantes que ya tengan conocimiento básico de Feng Shui o que hayan asistido a la clase básica de Feng Shui de Peter Lung.
Valor de la inscripción: El costo de las inscripciones pagadas después del 21 de Agosto del 2014 será de 888.00 USD. El precio incluye la traducción simultánea al español.
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风水大师  Este curso está diseñado para aquellos que estén pensando en el Feng Shui como asesores profesionales o que han recibido varias capacitaciones de Feng Shui y ahora desean aprender técnicas más avanzadas para mejorar la suerte en su propia vida privada y profesional, si usted es actualmente un diseñador de interiores, arquitecto, paisajista o profesional en bienes y raíces, entrenadores de la vida (coaches), jugador profesional, organizador profesional, acupunturista, o practicante de la medicina occidental, medicina tradicional China, o es dueño de varios negocios, este curso le ayudara a maximizar las profesiones existentes y a mejorar su salud, la familia, el amor, la creatividad y la prosperidad en su propia vida y en la vida de los demás.
Quienes deberán de asistir: 
Estudiantes que ya deben y puedan entender el Paht Chee, el Feng Shui Básico y la Estrella Voladora. O haber asistido al curso de MPC de Lillian Too o a las clases de Feng Shui, Paht Chee y clases de la Estrella Voladora de Peter Lung.
Asesor Certificado de Feng Shui:  
El alumno será Certificado por Word of Feng Shui – USA (Peter Lung). Como asesor Profesional de Feng Shui después de pasar el examen final.
Valor de la inscripción: El costo de las inscripciones pagadas después del 23 de Agosto del 2014 será de $1,888.00 USD. El precio incluye 2 días la traducción simultánea al español.
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Los precios especiales de paquete si toma 2 o más clases ofrecido por Peter Lung.

Peter's September 2014 LV 2 Class Combo            2 Clases/4 Días                      Especial $1388                                                     Ahorre $188
Peter's September 2014 LV 5 Day Modern FS Combo           2 Clases/5 Días                              Especial $2188                                                     Ahorre $288
Peter's September 2014 LV 5 Day Flying Star Combo            2 Clases/5 Días                          Especial $2188                                                     Ahorre $288
Peter's September 2014 LV 7 Days 3 Class Combo             3 Clases/7 Días                         Especial $2788                                                      Ahorre $476
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Peter Lung talk about 2014 Year of the Yang Wood Horse on FOX5 Vegas

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Watch our very own feng shui consultant and teacher, Peter Lung, talk about 2014 Year of the Yang Wood Horse on FOX5 Vegas.


FOX5 Vegas – KVVU


If you missed Peter Lung’s 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in January, don’t worry!  His two days feng shui  updates for the Year of the Yang Wood Horse is NOW AVAILABLE in DVDs.  We only have limited quantity, so ORDER NOW!




Your Luck and Lucky Symbols for the 2014 Year of the Yang Wood Horse

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Start reining in your wealth and  fortune, in 2014, the year of the Yang Wood Horse.  Below are the luck and lucky symbols for all 12 Chinese Zodiac signs.  If you would like to see the image of any particular cure or enhancer or get more information, just click on the underline cure or enhancer.  If you want MORE information, sign up for Peter Lung’s 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza, 2 days event, from Saturday, January 18th – Sunday, January 19th, 2014, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino Convention Center.  This event is generously sponsored by CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT.  All ticket proceeds is to benefit FirstMed Health+Wellness Center of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

In 2014, the Rat zodiac animal enjoys the Star of Future Prosperity making it a wonderful year to start new ventures, form alliances and diversify your business. You are in direct conflict with the yearly Tai Sui, so take precaution by carrying the 2014 Tai Sui Amulet and displaying the 2014 Tai Sui Plaque in the South of home and business. To protect against the Natural Disaster Star, display the White Umbrella Goddess Figurine, the White Umbrella Goddess Plaque, or the White Umbrella Goddess Mirror in your living room. To protect against the negative energy of the 3 Killings, place the Three Deities Sitting On Tigers or the 3 Divine Guardians Plaque in the North sector of the home and business. Protect your health by displaying the golden Long Life Wu Luo with Sau, the Longevity God, in the East and carry the Health Amulet or wear the Medicine DZI Bracelet at all times. Make sure to improve money and income luck by displaying the Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Tree or the Bejeweled Maple Tree in your dining room and wear the Money Rolling In Bracelet. Enhance success and income luck by placing the 4/9 Ho Tu Mirror in the North of your office, home or living room.

 13685 (4)  13696 (3)  
 White Umbrella Mirror2


Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

In 2014, the Ox zodiac animal is excessively lucky with much success and vitality luck. Carry the 2014 Annual Amulet to unlock all the abundance that the year has to offer. However, be wary of the Yearly Killings, Yin House and Yearly Conflict Star which will affect your health, wealth and income luck. Carry or wear the Life Force Enhancing Medallion or the Om Pendant to keep your energy strong. Control the conflicts and bring harmony by displaying the Heart Sutra Plaque or the Heart Sutra Crystal Ball. Safeguard your wealth luck by placing the Mongoose Spouting Jewels in the family room and carry the Mongoose Money Clip. For protection against the Three Killings, place the Three Deities Sitting On Tigers, the Three Divine Guardian with the Ksittigarbhadra Buddha or the 3 Divine Guardians Plaque in the North. Enhance the auspicious 2/7 Ho Tu combination in your sector with the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror in the Northeast, and directly above it hang the Dragon Wind chime to further amplify the power of the Ho Tu. To overcome the #7 Star of Robbery, carry the Anti Burglary Amulet, the Rhino charm or wear the Anti-Burglary Scarf. Protect your home against break-ins by placing the Anti Burglary Plaque or a pair of Rhino in the Northeast and always have a pair at the front door.

 13564 (2)  13684  13687 (2) 13712 13618


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

There is Big Money luck for the Tiger zodiac sign in 2014 so the Tiger will enjoy good wealth and career luck so enhance with the 2014 Annual Amulet .  However watch out for afflictions caused by the double Yearly Conflict, Yin House and the #7 Robbery Star causing issues with health and relationship luck. Carry the Health Amulet and display the White Tara Longevity Vase, the Medicine Buddha Plaque or the Wu Lou in the Northeast of your home to safeguard your health. Carry the Double Triangle Mirror for protection against unwanted conflict, gossip and slander. Female Tigers should wear the Horse Scarf or the Wind Horse Watch as the Horse is your ally and also the ruling animal of the year. Display the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror in the Northeast to amplify the good fortune from this Ho Tu and directly above it, hang the Dragon Wind chime to counter the Yin House star. Protect against the #7 Robbery Star by carrying the Anti-Burglary Amulet or wear the Anti-Burglary Scarf or the silver Rhino Charm. Don’t forget to put 6 peacock feathers in the glove compartment of your car to protect against accidents.  Make sure to display the Anti Burglary Plaque in the Northeast of your home and always have a Blue Rhino at the front door. Display the Bejeweled Kubera in your living room to enjoy the harvests that the Horse Year has to offer. Enhance career luck with a Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Tree on your work desk.

 Windhorse Watch BLACK (2)  peacock feathers_1  Mirror Double Triangle 13620  13698 (3)


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

In 2014, the Rabbit zodiac animal has a balance of good and bad stars. You enjoy the General Star, as well as one Big Auspicious Star. Tap into the luck of the Big Auspicious Star by displaying the Big Auspicious Mirror in the East of your home and business. The annual #2 Illness Star flies into your sector so display the Long Life Wu Luo with Longevity God in the East and make sure to have one on your nightstand, and carry the Health Amulet or wear the Anti-Illness Medallion to protect against falling sick. The General Star brings you excellent mentor and career luck so energize this by displaying a figurine of the General Hua Mulan or Kuan Kung Sitting on a Horse in the living room or in your office and carry the 2014 Heaven Luck Activator. Place a Ruyi on your work table and wear the Ruyi DZI bracelet to enhance career and business luck, and write down your wishes and life goals on a piece of red paper and keep it in a Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Box, in the East, to help actualize your wishes and dreams. Clip your cash with the Mystic Knot Money Clip to safeguard your wealth safe and to increase income.

 13683 (2)  13706 (2)  IMG_3821 (2) IMG_3177


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

In 2014, the Dragon zodiac animal enjoys great success luck.   But watch out, due the double effects of the Yi Duo combined with the Quarrelsome #3 Star that is in the Southeast sector, you can get easily irritated. Because the Yin House Star is located in the Southeast, this greatly lowers your health and inner strength.  Carry the Peace & Harmony Amulet and the Protect against Angry People Medallion. Display a Red Lava Lamp, a Red Crystal Ball or the Three Legged Bird with 3 Suns Mirror in the Southeast and the Double Triangle Mirror on your work desk. To soften the effects of the Yi Duo, place the Jade Emperor with Wind chime in your living room. Protect your health and enhance your inner strength with the Increasing Life Force Medallion. Wear the Kubera Watch or the Producing Victory Medallion to enhance for success at work.  Display a Rooster figurine on your work desk to attract help from your secret friend and for promotion luck. Enhance business luck with the Avalokitesvara Plaque in your office to improve relationships, bring authority and power. For those in very competitive and stressful work environment, display General Kuan Kung reading a book in your office and wear the lapis lazuli or black agate silver Laughing Buddha holding a Ruyi and the silver 9 Eye DZI combination bracelet.

 13950 (2)  13686 (2)  Avalokiteshvara plaque  Increase Life (2) Bejeweled Rooster Short Legs (2)  13709 (2)


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

In 2014, due to the #3 Quarrelsome Star that flies to the Southeast sector, the Snake zodiac animal has little patience and can be short tempered. You have low energy which will affect your health, relationship and bring on emotional problems. Remedy the negative effects of the #3 by carrying the Peace & Harmony Key chain, wear the peaceful omanipadmehum mantra bracelet and displaying Nine Amulet Plaque or the 3 Legged Bird with the 3 Suns Mirror in the Southeast of your home and office. To strengthen your energy, carry the Health Amulet or the Medicine Buddha Card and wear the Increase Life Force Medallion at all times. The year is not all bad.  You do enjoy the effects of the Heaven Seal bringing you new opportunities and great success luck. Enhance this auspicious energy by carrying the Heaven Star Key chainwear the Kubera Watch and display the Gesar of Ling Plaque in the living room. To further enhance success and promotion luck, display the 3/8 Ho Tu Mirror together with a Victory or Wind Horse on your work desk. Protect from the negative effects of the Three Killings with the Three Deities Sitting On Tigers or the 3 Chi Lin in the North of your home. It is also good for the Snake to engage in charitable pursuits this year by donating or helping a good cause.

 13708 (2)  13701 (2)  Gesar of Ling Plaque Med Buddha card (2) Bejeweled Windhorse Side 1


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

In 2014, the #8 Wealth Star resides in South bringing an exciting year for the Horse zodiac animal.  Ensure that everything goes smoothly by making sure that you have the support of the yearly Tai Sui.  Carry the Tai Sui Amulet or wear the piyao bracelet and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the South of your home and business. Display the Vairocana Stupa and the 8 Immortal Mountain in the South to enhance your good fortune.  Make sure to enhance for money and good income with the Double Fish Water feature running in the South, carry the 2014 Annual Amulet and wear the Money Rolling in bracelet or the White Dzambhala pendant.  Be wary of the Three Killings, in the North, this year, which can bring unwanted obstacle. Counter by displaying the Three Deities Sitting On Tigers or the 3 Divine Guardians in the North. Enhance promotion luck by inviting General Chao Chao into the living room area of your home. Keep your energy strong by displaying the Tang Horse, 3 Colorful Ponies, or the Wind Horse figurine or plaque in the foyer or the South sector of your home. You can also display the 3 Sheep on the Mountain Plaque and a set of your Allies and Secret Friend on your work desk in order to ensure the support of your co-workers. It is also important to hang the Home Protection Plaque near your front door.

 13718 (2)  13697 (2)  13621  Kalachakara Plaque


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

The Sheep zodiac sign has luck in career and  family life in 2014.  However beware that you still have conflict stars marring your good fortune . The Golden Deity Star that is in your chart does help reduce the effects of these negative influences. Take advantage of the annual #1 Star and enhance career and promotion luck by placing General Hua Mulan or the Victory Warrior Flags in the living room or near your desk at work and wear the Wealth and Power Medallion. Ladies should wear the Opportunity Scarf or the Wind Horse Watch to bring new opportunity in your life.  To activate the Golden Deity Star, display an image of Kubera, the Lord of Horses in your home and carry the Heaven Luck Activator. As the Yearly Conflict Star flies to your sector, carry the Peace & Harmony amulet at all times and place the Bejeweled Maple Tree in the Southwest. Overcome obstacles by displaying the Three Deities Sitting On Tigers in the North. Protect against money loss with the Rhino & Elephant Yin Water Cure or the Anti Burglary Plaque in the Northeast. Sheep who are in school or those in the academic field should carry or display the 1/6 Ho Tu Mirror in the West to enhance education and study luck.

 13699 (2)  Victory warrior flags  wealth and power Windhorse Watch RED (2)


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

The Monkey faces an increased amount of conflict energy in 2014, as you are surrounded by two Yearly Conflict stars. It is vital to enhance popularity and harmony in all your relationship.  Guard against arguments by displaying the 3 Legged Bird with 3 Suns in the Southwest and the 3 Harmony Animals in the bedroom, living room and on your work desk.  If your are in major conflicts that may lead to lawsuit or court cases, carry the Protection against Angry People Medallion. This is a stressful year so protect your health by placing the Arensui Wu Luo or the Wu Lou with the Longevity God on your bedside table, living room and also hang the Medicine Buddha frame  next to the entrance of your home. You have the #1 Star of Success and Golden Deity Star so career luck is strong. Invite the Golden Chundi into your home and carry the Chundi Card or Heaven Luck Activator to activate the Golden Deity Star, and protect your career with a Bejeweled Elephant or the Dragon Tortoise. Enhance income and money luck with a Double Carp Water feature in the Southwest. Protect your marriage by carrying the Flower of Romance Keychain or wear the 2 Eye Dzi and have a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the Southwest and a Double Happiness Love Birds in the Center.

 13702 (2)  13681 (3)  chundi bejeweled 13622 Lovebirds (2)  13563 (2)


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

In 2014, the Rooster benefits from the #6 Heaven Star, but things may not go smoothly because you are in side conflict with the Tai Sui. The combination of the Yearly Conflict Stars and the Reducing Energy Star also weakens your personal energies. All Roosters should carry the Life Force Medallion and display a Rooster figurine in the West of your living room. Appease the Tai Sui by carrying the Tai Sui Amulet, and display the Tai Sui Plaque or a pair of Pi Yao in the South. To control the yearly conflict stars, place a Bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa in the Northwest of your home. Activate promotion luck at work by displaying the Bejeweled Blue Dragon on your desk. Enhance the Heaven Star with the 6 Smooth Coin in the West. Display the Gesar of Ling Plaque in the living room to help overcome obstacles. Maintain your health by hanging the 8 Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque in your living and place a wu lou at your bedroom. Make sure to enhance victory luck by wearing a Wind Horse Pendant or watch. Hang the Amithaba Wind chime or place the Amithaba Crystal Ball near the entrance to your home. Enhance study luck for those in school by displaying the 1/6 Ho Tu Mirror in the West.

 Kalachakara Stupa  6 coins dragon  IMG_3966  IMG_0825


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

The Dog zodiac sign bears the full force of the 5 Yellow in 2014, and combined with the Yearly Conflict star, this brings a challenging year that affects wealth, health and relationship luck. It is important that the you place the Bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa in the Northwest of the home to control the annual 5 Yellow Star. You should also carry the 5 Yellow Keychain or wear the 5 Element Pagoda at all times. Health luck is not great so place a Vairocana Stupa in the East and the Wu Lou in the bedroom to help. Make sure to also wear the Medicine DZI or carry the Health Amulet.  Display the Victory Banner or carry the Victory Producing Medallion to enhance success. Invite the Precious Minister or Guru Rinpoche into your home for mentor luck. Protect your home with the Heart Sutra Plaque, the White Umbrella Goddess and the Gesar of Ling Plaque facing the main entrance to help overcome obstacles. It is also good to invite the Green Tara to remove obstacle and to help fulfill your wishes.  This is a good year to invite Kubera into the home as he is the King of Horses and his presence will bring you good fortune. Older Dogs should carry the Protection Mandala Mirror or wear the Mandala amulet to guard against bad things happening. Another good practice is to place the Hayagriva Prayer Wheel on your home altar and twirl it 21 times each day.

 13705 (2)  13340  Mini Med Dzi (2) Produce Victory (2)


 Cover_BOAR_new3125c_black text

In 2014, the Boar zodiac sign have the #7 Violence & Robbery Star, the sitting 3 Killings as well as the 5 Yellow Star residing in their Northwest sector. All three unfortunate stars bring financial loss, obstacles, mishaps and unexpected expense. Your money, career and income luck is afflicted. What is fortunate is that you have the Heaven Seal which brings assistance from heaven. To counter the #7 Violence & Robbery Star, display the Anti Burglary Plaque facing your front door, have the Rhino in the Northwest sector and  carry the Anti Burglary Keychain to ward off thieves. To protect against accidents, carry the Travel Protection Keychain or place 6 peacock feathers in the glove compartment of your car.  For protection against the 5 Yellow Star, display the 5 Element Pagoda filled with dried soil from your home in the Northwest. You can also protect with the powerful Kalachakara Stupa. Carry the 5 Yellow Keychain or wear the pagoda pendent at all time.  Display the Three Deities Sitting On Tigers  or the 3 Divine Guardian in the North to control the Three Killings. Enhance for the Nobleman Luck or Heaven Luck by displaying the Jade Emperor or Guru Rinpoche high in your living room and carry the Heaven Luck Activator or wear the Nobleman DZI.   Improve success luck by displaying the Gesar Of Ling Plaque near your main entrance and wear the Wind Horse Watch. To avoid people with bad intentions, carry the Kalachakra Mandala Mirror or wear the 4 Celestial Guardian Bracelet or the omanipadmehum bracelet.

 12164 (2)  Bejeweled Rinpoche (2)  12086  13704 (2)  4 Celestial Bracelet



If you missed Peter Lung’s 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in January, don’t worry!  His two days feng shui  updates for the Year of the Yang Wood Horse is NOW AVAILABLE in DVDs.  We only have limited quantity, so ORDER NOW!




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