Feng Shui Consultation Information for Business Properties

We do OFF-SITE Consultation Service.

We do ON-SITE Consultation Service.

This is what we will provide:

  • A complete room-by-room analysis of your premise(s) with specific and detailed recommendations using Flying Star and Eight Mansions Feng Shui.
  • A complete reading of your key personnel (up to 2) with specific and detailed recommendations using Eight Mansions Feng Shui.
  • Auspicious / Inauspicious sectors of your premise(s).
  • Auspicious energizers recommended for enhancing your wealth.
  • Auspicious energizers recommended to enhance for increase turnover.
  • Auspicious energizers recommended to better relationships within the office and with clients / business-partners / customers.
  • Auspicious energizers recommended for career luck.
  • Feng Shui afflictions identified and several Feng Shui remedies offered for each affliction.
  • Answer to specific questions you may have (up to 10).

This Is What You Have To Provide

Kindly furnish us with the following information to enable us to undertake an accurate assessment and make practical & powerful recommendations.

On-Site Consultation

  • The birth date (year, month, date and time) of  1 individual.
  • The year the house was built and the year the occupants moved in (indicate when, if any renovations had been made, and to which part of the house).
  • Your goal and any other questions.

Off-Site Consultation

  • A site or area plan (drawn on grid paper, to scale) including all roads and surrounding buildings.
  • A floor plan which accurately shows the North-South axis.
  • The accurate compass direction of front door (to nearest degree).
  • Accurate facing direction of doors of individual offices of directors / key personnel etc.
  • A floor plan with present furniture. Please indicate the use or occupant of each room (e.g. meeting room, CEO’s room, and presentation room etc.).
  • The birth date (year, month, date, time and place of birth) of the head of the business (director/manager).
  • The year the premise(s) was built and the year the occupants moved in (indicate when, if any renovations had been made, and to which part of the house).
  • Special exterior structures (if any): e.g. high tension power lines, mountains, rivers and neighboring structures. If possible, take pictures and indicate on a diagram.
  • Any specific areas you want analyzed (e.g. your goal, cash flow problems, office politics, slow turnover, how to attract more customers, etc) or any other questions / queries you may have.

All the above information is very important for us to make the perfect analyze for your property, especially off-site consultation.


  • The off-site consultation fee will be paid in advance; 50% deposit will be applied to the On-site consultation for making appointment and balance will be paid after the consultation.
  • Off-site Feng Shui consultation fee is minimum of US$988.00 and On-site Feng Shui consultation fee is minimum of US$1388.00 and the fee is based on the size of living space of US$2.00 per square feet.
  • It is non-refundable for the entire consultation fee.

The above consultation package includes personalized reading for:

  • 1 individual (director/manager).
  • Additional charge will apply for each additional individuals.

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