15646 – Bejeweled Mansion of Guru Rinpoche


Zangdok Palri, the Glorious Copper-Colored Mountain, is the manifestation of the celestial paradise of Guru Rinpoche, otherwise known as Padmasambhava. True devotees of Guru Rinpoche consider Zangdok Palri to be the ultimate paradise – a place of wisdom, peace, joy and pure blessings, where one can be reborn with the auspicious qualities for swift progress on the way to Enlightenment.

This is a reproduction of the Zangdok Palri Palace in Bhutan, built on an octagonal jewel and on a lotus blossom of one thousand petals. It has four gates, four arches and eight columns. Its walls are built of precious substances of the four directions – crystals in the East, lapis lazuli in the South, rubies in the West and sapphires in the North.

The Palace has three levels:

  • In the top-most level of Dharmakaya, the Buddha Amitayus resides;
  • Four-armed Avalokiteshvara resides in the middle level of Samboghakaya;
  • Guru Rinpoche resides in the base level of Nirmanakaya.
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Size: 10 1/4 inches Height x 10 1/4 Length x 10 1/4/ inches Depth

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