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15608 – Bejeweled Wealth Chest with Snow Lion for Windfall Luck (Red)


There is nothing better to activate for windfall luck – the kind that appears as a big customer, manifests as a special bonus, a new client, a lottery win, closing a big contract – than a Red Treasure Chest placed in your wealth corner.

In 2018, the Southeast plays host to the #8 Prosperity Star. Placing a Red Treasure Chest in the SOUTHEAST of the home or office, and filling it with precious ingots, gems and coins activates the energies of this sector, attracting NEW wealth while safeguarding current wealth.

* Best when displayed together with a Green Treasure Chest
* Ingots and gemstones are included with the purchase of each treasure chest.


Size: 1 1/2 inches Height x 2 1/4 inches Length x 1 1/2 inches Depth

Material: Metal

Additional information

Weight 13 oz


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