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Hungry Ghost Festival – 18% Off for all the incenses

Here’s your AUGUST 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter


The seventh month (Chinese Lunar calendar) of each year in Asia, especially in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, is known as the Hungry Ghost month. The Hungry Ghost Festival will start from August 22 to September 19 according to the Chinese Lunar calendar.

The dates, August 22 to September 19, are mostly applied to the Chinese who live in the southern part of China. The rest of the Chinese will practice the Hungry Ghost night on September 4, 2017.

The ghosts and spirits, including the deceased ancestors, will come out from the lower realm (地獄) located in the Northeastern part of the planet.  During this month, living descendants will offer incense, offer food to the deceased ancestors, and burn items made from paper mache: clothes, “gold bars,” and appliances.

We will also offer incense to the spirits from August 29 to September 4 every night. You can light incense at the front or back of the house after dusk. Please recite the following mantra and offer incense to the local spirits; it will create good karma for your family since you’re offering food to the homeless spirits.


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The Land of Medicine Buddha in California will host the Ksitigarbha Festival during the Hungry Ghost month – September 2, 2017. Ksitigarbha cares for beings that have been reborn into the unfavorable states of rebirths.  Ksitigarbha Buddha made a sacred commitment to help those out of suffering, vowing:

“Until the hells are empty,  I vow not to become a Buddha.  Only after all living beings are saved, will I myself attain Bodhi.”

For information about the Land of Medicine Buddha, you can visit the website



FENG SHUI at home & office – QUICK FIX for health and relationship

Learn the easiest way to change and set up GOOD Feng Shui for modern living.

Presented by Peter Lung

Health and relationship luck is the most important parts of our lives. If you are missing both, you will not be able to enhance your wealth. In this class, you will learn how to enhance, attract, and activate the Feng Shui luck. In addition, you will learn how to control the negative stars.


  • How to activate all the eight auspicious sectors in your home and office.
  • The meaning of all 9 Flying Star numbers, learn how to control the bad stars, and activate the lucky stars for better luck.
  • How to follow the monthly and annual Flying Star for instant success.
  • Learn how to block, exhaust, and control the negative energy.
  • Find out how to rent or purchase the right home and office suitable for you.
  • How to avoid the bad Feng Shui house and office (It’s difficult to find the perfect Feng Shui home, but you need to avoid purchasing a house that will cost you lots of money.)
  • Learn how to choose the best decorations around you based on your birthday, such as plants, flowers, crystal, red color door, etc.
  • Learn to find the optimal facing direction of the house, which will bring good luck.

Date:             January 12, 2018 – Friday

Time:              10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location:       Bally’s Casino & Hotel – Convention Center – Las Vegas meeting room

Tuition Fee:  Early Bird Special $ 368.00 – If registered by December 12th, 2017, you will receive $68 Gift Certificate, valid for one year, redeemable at WOFS USA Las Vegas & Honolulu store locations.

$ 368.00 – Registrations booked and paid AFTER December 12th, 2017.

** All tuition fees are non-refundable and non-cancelable. **


Everybody should attend; I will teach you the simplest ways to understand Feng Shui and apply it accordingly.

Seats are limited. Payments must be received to reserve a seat.

Feng Shui Extravaganza 2018 by Peter Lung

The year of the Yang Earth Dog will start February 4, 2018.  The annual Tai Sui – Year of the God (General Jiang Wu) will be located at Northwest 1 (between 292.6° to 307.5°), the location of the Tai Sui will move 15 degrees followed by the Jupiter star.

During the coming Yang Earth Dog year, the person born in the year of the Dog, Dragon, Ox, and Sheep will be directly or indirectly affected by the Tai Sui, depending on zodiac sign.  Rooster born person will also be incompatible in the Dog year.

The southeast and northwest sectors will have strong money luck, and you must also activate the auspicious center number for better luck. Learn how to link up all these three promising stars in 2018!

North area in your home will be controlled by the 5 Yellow terribly star and San Sar star in 2018;  these two inauspicious stars will bring illness, legal problem, argument, misfortune, loss of job and obstacles to you.  East sector needs to be protected from robbery and make sure you protect the windows & doors.  Learn how to exhaust the bad energy and eliminate the problem!

No renovation at North, Northwest 1 and West in 2018, otherwise you will create lots of problem to yourself, and all these areas need to be controlled with Feng Shui enhancements.

Peter Lung – owner of the WOFS USA will have the annual Feng Shui extravaganza in Las Vegas on January 13, 2018, and Honolulu on January 20, 2018.  You will have solutions to all the issues stated above.  Peter Lung will update the luck of all the 12 Chinese Zodiacs for the coming year as well. You will be well prepared for the Dog year after the Feng Shui update.

Feng Shui Extravaganza 2018 in Las Vegas by Peter Lung

Date: January 13, 2018, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Venue: Bally’s Casino Hotel – Las Vegas, Nevada

Special group rate for hotel room – discount code SBWFS8

Feng Shui Update Class 2018 in Honolulu by Peter Lung

Date: January 20, 2018, from 09:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Venue: Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii

For more details or early bird and regular registration prices for these seminars, visit our website www.wofsusa.com.

All proceeds of the seminar will be donated to Asian Community Development Council for the Las Vegas event and Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific for the Honolulu Feng Shui talk.

Your JULY 2017 WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter

The powerful Elephant with amulet wheel, the elephant carries the jewel on its back with Ru Yi on the truck, it will bring wealth and authority to you, it must be placed inward to your house or your office desk for bringing luck to you.

The elephant with truck up will create the kind of descendants’ luck that gives you many children, all filial and respectable, with successful future ahead of them. You must place this elephant facing the bedroom and looks like walking to your room. I have recommended this Feng Shui method to my clients, it all worked for them.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in JULY 2017

July 7 – August 6, 2017– Month of the YIN FIRE SHEEP

Sheep: You will have great support whatever you do, due to the nobleman star. However, you need to control your temper and beware of signing legal documents. It is best to carry the Red Eagle amulet to exhaust the negative energy.

Monkey: This is a great month for you to learn new things, but you need to beware of car accidents. Be cautious! Place the solar prayer wheel on the vehicle’s dash broad for protection. The solar prayer wheel is blessing and protecting you while your car is moving around.

Rooster: All problems that you had from the previous month will be resolved in July. This will be a quiet month for you; take more rest and pay attention to your health. Display the Golden Garuda bird next to the bed.

Dog: There will be lots of obstacles at work and avoid starting a new project. However, it is a good month for you to learn new things. Place four sticks of bamboo in the Northwest sector of your house for better wisdom. You can carry the Education and Scholastic amulet to attract your good luck.

Boar: July will provide strong career luck so seek this great opportunity to focus on work. Single Boar person will have a high chance of meeting their loved one; display the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks next to your bed. You should expand your network and meet new friends this month.

Rat: This is a good month for you to listen to others’ opinions. Money luck is extreme, and it is a good time for investment. Hang the 5 Emperor Coins above the doorframe in your bedroom as it will bring the windfall luck to you.

Ox: There will be lots of obstacles during the Sheep month; it is not the proper month for you to start the new project and significant investment. It will be the right time for you to take a vacation. Wear the Buddha Double Dorje necklace for protection.

Tiger: There will be a healthy relationship and gambling luck in July. However, it will not be easy to keep the money so control your spending and wear the Money Toad ring to attract wealth luck. Wearing the ring on your right hand represents receiving money and on your left-hand means giving away money. The more money you have, the better you can afford to share your luck with others. Also, your social life will be busy so take more rest.

Rabbit: It is a good month for you to take charge for all decisions instead of listening to suggestions, due to the Nobleman star around you in July. Also, it will be a good month for investment and possibly receive a promotion. Place the Mongoose with ingot on your desk bringing the money luck to you.

Dragon: Dragon person needs to pay attention to their health and money luck will be weak. It is not the best month to loan money to others. Wear the Garuda ring for protection; it does not matter which hand you wear.

Snake: It is not a quiet month for Snake person due to unlucky stars. You need to pay attention to your health since there will be lots of obstacles. Be patient! You should carry the Ten Hums Shield amulet for protection.

Horse: You should plan to take few days break or a vacation during summer; it will be best to go to countries up North or to beach areas, especially spring and summer born person (February to July). It will balance the unfavorable element. Beware of losing personal belongings and control your spending. You must carry the Sun & Moon 5 Element Pagoda and Anti-Burglary amulet for protection.

Welcome to the good fortune & protection against illness, obstacles, and misfortune of JULY 2017 by updating the monthly flying stars of your space.

JULY 2017 Flying Star Chart – Sixth Month (Yin Fire SHEEP month – July 7 – August 6, 2017) of the Yin Fire ROOSTER Year

How to read this chart: Below are nine squares. Each square represents a directional sector of your home with the middle square representing the Center area of your house.   There are two numbers shown in each sector. The big number in each sector indicates the Annual Star and the small number in each sector indicates the Monthly Star. Place the suggested cures and enhancers in their proper areas accordingly. 

Center: 1/3: You need to remove the water fixtures and excess plant at the center of the house. Otherwise, you will mistakenly activate the monthly Quarrelsome Star, which brings lots of hostile energy to you and your family. Hang the 6 Rods Metal Wind Chimes or place the 6 Emperor Coins ruler to enhance the luck of the annual number 1 star and control the monthly argument star.

North 6/8: This is the auspicious sector in July. If you invest in the stock market, bring your laptop to the North area of your home or office. 2 money stars are flying into the North. You should invite the Wealth Jambala and hang 5 Emperor Coins above the doorframe to enhance the wealth luck.

East 8/1:  East sector is good for career and money luck; you need to spend more time in this area. You should place the water fountain to enhance the double luck.

 West 3/5:  2 unlucky stars are flying into the west sector. If your front entrance and back door are located at West, you must protect it by placing the Hayagriva Prayer Wheel to control the negative energy. Be sure to turn the prayer wheel daily, and it will recite the Buddha mantra a thousand times. Tai Sui is located in the West in 2017 so make sure no wind chimes are disturbing him.

Southwest 7/9: The number 9 monthly star will magnify the harmful annual Robbery star this month, so make sure that doors in your house are locked. If the southwest sector of your business is related to money, such as a cash register, place the Blue Rhinoceros for protection.

Southeast 9/2: Elder woman and pregnant woman should not stay in the Southeast room in July, you must control illness star entering into your room by placing the Golden Garuda or bronze Wu Lou, they will help to monitor and exhaust the negative energy from the inauspicious star.

Northwest 2/4:  You should display flowers arrangement at this area in your house and office to attract relationship luck to you. If this area is the bedroom, it is not advisable having flowers in the married couple’s bedroom. Strong green plants will help to control the annual Number 2 illness star and attract the relationship luck.

Northeast 4/6: 2 auspicious stars are flying into the same sector and combine to the Sum-of-ten number, it will bring good wealth luck and family harmony. You should place the red or burgundy carpet in this room.

South 5/7: The south sector is affected by the annual 5 Yellow star combine with the Number 7 Robbery star this month. It will bring violence, illness, and the obstacle to your family. You should invite the Medicine Buddha stupa to control the negative energy and display the Blue Rhinoceros facing out to protect the robbery.

Good luck and have a great summer!

Peter Lung