Flying Star Cures & Enhancers

Get ready for the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep!

Here is the 2015 Flying Star Chart.


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SOUTHEAST #2 ILLNESS STAR:  The black star brings illness to those residing in this sector and those born under the Dragon and Snake zodiac signs.  Place the Medicine Buddha Mandala Plaque or the Medicine Buddha Picture Frame here as remedy. If there are elderlys or the very ill at home, invite in the Long Life Buddha Amitayus for a powerful aura of healing.  Place the Golden Wu Lou with Longevity God or the Garuda Wu Lou next to your bedside.  It is advisable to carry the Health Amulet or wear theMedicine Buddha Watch or DZI at all time to keep sickness at bay.  Enhance the Hotu combination of the 2/7 by displaying the Money Luck 2/7 Hotu Mirror
SOUTH #7 VIOLENT STAR:  This unlucky star bring accidents, violence and protential for robbery and being cheated to those residing in this sector and for those born under the zodiac sign of the Horse.  Place the Rhino and Elephant Yin Water Cure, the Anti-Burglary Totem, the Blue Rhino in this sector as remedy.  If there are windows, place the Anti-Burglary Decal to ward off potential break ins.  Those residing in this sector or those born under the Horse zodiac sign, should carry the Anti-Burglary Keychain and wear the Malachite Bracelets to ward off accidents while traveing.  It is a good idea to place a pair of Fu Dogs franking the front and back doors.  Display the King Gesar Mantraas protection against obstacles and to gain divine help for attaining success

SOUTHWEST #9 MULTIPLYING STAR & GRAND DUKE JUPITER:  This purple star 9 brings future prosperity and upward mobility for those residing in this sector and those born under the Sheep and Monkey zodiac animals.  Activate with a 9 Red Peacock,  9 Red Phoenix Tapestry, 9 Rank Plaque or 9 Emperor Coins.  Place the 3 Sheep Climbing the Mountain Plaque or the 3 Lucky Goats here to unlock a mountain full of treasures.    Do not disturb the Grand Duke Jupiter who resides here. Do not dig, cut or renovate.  Do not face Southwest 202.5 - 217.5 degrees.  Protect against severe bad luck with the Tai Sui 2015 Plaque or the Pi Yao in the Southwest 1 direction.  Those born in the years of the Sheep, Ox, Dragon and Dog are advised to carry the Tai Sui 2015 Amulet to ward off bad luck. 
EAST #1 LUCKY WHITE STAR OF SUCCESS: This star brings success for those residing in this sector and for those born under the Rabbit zodiac sign.  Place the Ruyi on your desk to actiate career luck.  Invitte in Kuan Kung or General Cao Cao to activate for support of the Nobleman. Display the Victory Warrior Flagor invite in the Gesar of Ling to to activate for success and to be on top of the competition. Enhance for promotion or a raise with a Running Water Feature.  Tap the luck of the auspicious Hotu combination with the 1/6 Wisdom and Personal Growth Mirror

CENTER #3 ARGUMENTATIVE STAR:  The quarrelsome star brings misunderstanding andpotential court cases to everyone because the star is  located in the Center which is the heart of the household.  Place the 7 Royal Emblems in the center to supress arguments. Bring harmony and peace with the Elephant Red Pillow Cases, the Horse Red Pillow Cases or the Harmony Crest Pillow Cases in Red or Pink.  It is excellent to place the Mahabodhi Stupa to protect against any negative vibes.  To ensure all your relationships are harmonious, carry the Peace & Anti-Conflict Keychain. WEST #5 YELLOW MISFORTUNE STAR & THREE KILLINGS:  The 5 Yellow brings misfortune and accidents to those residing in this sector, to those born under the Rooster zodiac sign and for the daughters of the household.  Nullified the negative effects with theHeart Sutra Pillar, the Stupa and the 5 Spoked Thunderbolt.  Make sure to carry the Heart Sutra Pillar keychain or wear the Silver Stupa Pendent.  The annual 3 Killings pays a visit bringing illness, accidents, lawsuits and robberies.  Suppress this affliction with the 3 Celestials Yang Metal Cure and the Ksitigarbha.
NORTHEAST #6 HEAVEN STARThe Indirect Wealth Star brings unexpected good fortune and speculative luck to those residing in this sector and for those born under the Tiger and Ox zodiac animals.  It also brings authority luck.  Activate with a Crystal Ball flanked by theOx and Tiger. Bring opportunites and good news with the 6 Heavenly Coin Plaque and the 6 Birds.  Display the Jade Emperor Holding the 6 Rods Windchime to ensure Nobleman Luck is strong.  Hang the Windhorse Flag or the King Gesar Flagto enhance success.  Carry the God of Wealth Keychain to ensure money luck manifest.
NORTH #8 WEALTH STAR:  This star brings wealth, success and happiness to those residing in this sector, those whose main entrance is located here and for those born under the Rat zodiac sign. Activate for wealth to come in with the  Double Carp Running Water Feature, the 8 Rods Windchime and the Crystal Lotus.  Display the Big Auspicious Mirror to manifest happy occasions. Enhance for success by inviting in the Guru Rinpoche or the King Gesar.  Display the Lucky Mongoose or the Dzambala Holding a Mongoose for many riches to come in.
NORTHWEST #4 ROMANCE & SCHOLASTIC STAR: This star brings romantic opportunities and education luck for those residing here or those born under the Dog and Boar zodiac animals.  Display the Double Carp Crossing the Dragon Gate and the Crystal Point with Wisdom Mantra for education luck.  Carry the Scholastic Keychain or the 1/6 Scholar Wisdom Mirror  for good grades.  Display a pair of Mandarin Ducks and the Double Happiness for romance and marriage luck.  Wear the 2 Eye DZIto bring your soulmate.