7 Violence & Robbery Flying Star Cures

SOUTH #7 VIOLENT STAR:  In 2015, this unlucky star bring accidents, violence and protential for robbery and being cheated to those residing in this sector and for those born under the zodiac sign of the Horse.  Place the Rhino and Elephant Yin Water Cure, the Anti-Burglary Totem, the Blue Rhino in this sector as remedy.  If there are windows, place the Anti-Burglary Decal to ward off potential break ins.  Those residing in this sector or those born under the Horse zodiac sign, should carry the Anti-Burglary Keychain and wear the Malachite Bracelets to ward off accidents while traveing.  It is a good idea to place a pair of Fu Dogs franking the front and back doors.  Display the King Gesar Mantra as protection against obstacles and to gain divine help for attaining success.