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2014 Year of the Yang Wood Horse Flying Star Chart

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Get ready for the Year of the Yang Wood Horse!

Here is the 2014 Flying Star Chart.

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NORTHWEST #5 YELLOW STAR: In 2014, the # 5 Yellow Star of Misfortune flies into the NW sector, bringing potential for financial loss, obstacles and dangers. This will affect the luck of the the patriarch, the Dog, the Boar, those living in NW facing homes and those residing in the NW bedrooms. Protect with the 5 Element Pagoda or the Bejeweled Kalachakra or Vairocana Stupa. The male head of the house, the Dog, the Boar and those residing or with NW facing home should carry the Five Yellow key chain.  It is also a good idea to strengthen the energy of the patriarch by inviting the Jade Emperor Holding the Sun & Moon Wind chime into this sector. NORTH #9 STAR OF FUTURE PROPERTY & THE 3 KILLINGS: The #9 Multiplying & Future Prosperity Star flies in the North bringing future prosperity and recognition.  This will affect the Rat, the middle son and those residing in this sector.  Enhanced by displaying the Gesar of Ling Plaque and the Nine Ring Dragon Sword or 9 Rank Plaque. This sector also enjoy excellent business luck from 4/9 HOTU combination.   If your home is facing North, your success direction is North, your reside in the North room or if your are the Rat, display the 4/9 HOTU Mirror in thus sector to enhance the luck of strong business success.  However, beware of the 3 Killings which brings loss of loved ones, reputation and good fortune .  Suppress with the 3 Guardians. NORTHEAST #7 VIOLENCE & ROBBERY STAR: The #7 Violence & Robbery Star flies to the NE bringing danger associated with burglary and violence. The Tiger, Ox, the youngest son, those residing in this sector or with homes facing NE need to be extra careful.  Protect with Anti Burglary Plaque, the Blue Rhino or the Rhino & Elephant Yin Water Cure.  Carry the Anti Burglary Amulet or wear the Anti Burglary Scarf. It’s not all bad, this sector does enjoy big money luck from the 2/7 HOTU combination so tap into this good fortune by displaying the 2/7 HOTU Mirror in this corner of the house.
WEST #6 HEAVEN STAR:  The #6 Star of Heaven flies into the West bring opportunity and support. This star will benefit the youngest daughter, the Rooster, those with West facing homes and those resding in the West bedroom. Enhance by placing the Jade Emperor holding the Sun & Moon Wind chime or the Amitabha Buddha Wind chime here and carry the Heaven Luck Activator to benefit from this star. This location also enjoy the scholastic luck brought on by the  1/6 HOTU combination. Carry the 1/6 HOTU Mirror or display it in the West to enhance for good grades. CENTER #4 STAR OF ROMANCE & SCHOLASTIC LUCK: The #4 Star brings relationship and education luck for the whole household since it resides in the Center of the chart.   Those wishing to find new love or to bring happiness to their marriage can activate the center with the Double Happiness Lovebirds or the Mandarin Ducks.  To enhance the for education luck, display the Carp Jumping over the Dragon Gate. EAST #2 ILLNESS STAR:  The #2 Illness Star flies to this sector bringing much sickness to the Rabbit, the eldest son, those who live in East facing homes and those residing in the room. Subdued with the Longevity Knowledge Vase or the 8 Sugata Medicine Buddhas. Place the Golden Wu Lou with Sau by the bedside and hang the Wu Lou Windchime in the East.  Beware of the  Aggressive Sword Stars in the Paht Chee Chart and 6 Conflict/Killings Stars brought by the 24 Mountain Chart. Protect with Lord Kubera.  Wear the Anti Burglary Amulet to safeguard against theft.
SOUTHWEST #1 Victory Star: The #1 Victory Star flies to the SW bringing success luck to the matriarch, the Monkey, and the Sheep. For men, enhance with General Chao Chao or the LORD KUBERA. Women should enhance with General Hua Mu Lan. Place a water feature here to activate for success at work.  It is also excellent to place the Victory Warrior Flag in this sector. SOUTH #8 WEALTH STAR & TAI SUI:  The #8 Wealth Star flies to the South bringing strong prosperity and wealth luck to the middle daughter, the Horse, South facing home and those residing in the South sector. Make sure to enhance it with 8 Immortals on Mountain, the Vairocana Stupa, and the Double Fish Water Feature. This location also enjoys the Luck of Pwer from the 3/8 HOTU combination.  Those in politics or in authoritative position should display the 3/8 HOTU Mirror in the South. However, make sure to not disturb the Grand Duke Jupiter who resides here.  Keep this area quiet and appease the Tai Sui by displaying the 2014 Tai Sui plaque and the Rat, Horse, Rabbit, and the Rooster should carry the 2014 Tai Sui amulet or the Piyao. SOUTHEAST #3 STAR OF HOSTILITY:  The #3 Quarrelsome Star  flies into the SE bringing quarrels and misunderstanding to the Snake, Dragon, eldest daughter, those whose home faces SE and those who resides in the SE sector.  Control disharmony by with displaying the 9 Amulet Curethe Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirrorand the Three Legged Bird with Sun mirror. Make sure to carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet at all time.

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