With all the ticket proceeds & Partnering with CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT & LV community corporate partners, Peter Lung’s 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza Las Vegas raised $18,000.00 for FirstMed Health & Wellness Center of Las Vegas, Nevada

World Of Feng Shui USA Las Vegas sends our warmest regards and heartfelt thanks to all of the students who attended Peter Lung’s 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  This year’s 2-days feng shui fundraiser took place at the Rio’s All-Suites Hotel & Casino, on Friday, January 18th – Sunday, January 19th, 2014.  With the sponsorship of CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT and the help of  Las Vegas community corporate partners, along with the ticket proceeds from all the students, we raised $18,000.00 to benefit FirstMed Health+Wellness Center of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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IMG_0244IMG_0247Total Rewards Raffle Price winner Hotel room and show ticket IMG_0246Total Rewards Raffle Prize winner $100 GCJoanie withMr. Albert Lee and Caesars Entertaimment team
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Last but not least…a heartfelt thank you to all of WOFS USA Team, FirstMed Team, and to all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication that helped make this a successful event. Thank you everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all at Peter Lung’s 2015 Feng Shui Extravaganza.

To see more pictures of each event, click below to be directed to our WOFSUSA.com photo gallery.



If you missed Peter Lung’s 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in January, don’t worry!  His two days feng shui  updates for the Year of the Yang Wood Horse is NOW AVAILABLE in DVDs.  We only have limited quantity, so ORDER NOW!




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