Celebrate the Independence Day – 4th of JULY


Our store in Las Vegas and Honolulu will offer special discount up to 50% off for selected auspicious keychains. It will be 20% off  storewide only

from July 1 to 5, 2020.

Your Mom Deserves Something Special

Tara Ritro Loma Gyonma is the number 20 Tara in the jiggle Lingpa lineage of the 21 Tara. Protect against epidemics and contagious diseases.

Recite her short mantra for protection:


Phagma Ritroma Amulet is the Tara amulet for protection against epidemics and contagious diseases.

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FENG SHUI EXTRAVAGANZA 2019 – LAS VEGAS (Year of the Yin Earth)

WOFS USA’s 2019 Extravaganza in Las Vegas is over – what an awesome weekend! Peter & Joanie Lung and our staff would like to thank all the attendees for joining us. We had a great time kicking off the Year of the Boar; we met many new faces, discussed the luck for all zodiacs’ during 2019, and caught up with old and new customers alike.

We are proud to be donating the ticket proceeds of the Las Vegas Extravaganza to the local non-profit organization, Asian Community Development Council (ACDC).

This weekend, January 26, 2019, we will be hosting the 2019 Feng Shui Update in Honolulu. The ticket proceeds of this event will benefit the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation.

We wish you a happy, prosperous, and healthy Year of the Boar. We look forward to seeing you all next year!

World Of Feng Shui –  USA

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Here’s your September 2018 – WOFSUSA.COM Newsletter


The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as Full Moon Festival, which is a harvest festival celebrated by Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean people. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It will be on September 24 this year.

Traditionally Chinese will have big family dinner on that evening and will eat mooncake (This is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during this festival) as dessert.

Two important days for you to pray for your wishes and good health. Tara and Medicine Buddha puja on September 17 and the Medicine Buddha puja on September 24.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in SEPTEMBER 2018

September 8 – October 7, 2018 – Month of the Yin Earth Rooster

Rooster: It will be the good month for you to take a short break away home; it will help to recharge the earth energy from the different city. You also need to pay attention to your health and should carry the Health Amulet or wear the Medicine Buddha DZI bracelet for protection.

Dog: It will be the good month for you to invest and you will have strong money luck in September, You should carry the Asset Wealth Amulet to increase this luck.

Boar: There will be lots of opportunities and also the good month for you to show your ability at work. You make sure to double check the task from your co-workers, as their mistake will affect you. Consider carrying the Victory Banner Amulet to enhance your good luck.

Rat: Relationship luck is strong, and it will be the lucky month for you with the big support from Nobleman Star. This lucky star will help to remove your obstacles and bring good luck to you. Carry the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet for better luck.

Ox: It will be the good month for you to invest and will be better to team up with your allies – Snake and Rooster this month. Carry the Five Jambala card to secure the investment luck.

Tiger: Career and money luck is strong this month, and it is also the good time to develop your business or look for another opportunity. Keep the Prosperity Victory Amulet to capture your luck.

Rabbit: There will be lots of obstacles, and it is not the right month to start the new project. Place the green plant at the East of your home and wear the Om Mani Padme Hum Bracelet to exhaust the negative energy.

Dragon: It will be the good month to invest due to windfall luck, and you should adjust your investment portfolios. Strong relationship luck for Dragon born person, you should take this lucky month to expand your network and meet new friends.  Carry the Wealth Talisman to capture your good luck.

Snake: You should team up with your allies – Ox and Rooster to invest. If you are not greedy, you will make a small profit. Tap the 12 Zodiac Victory coin on the investment folder.

Horse: Relationship luck is strong; it will be the good month to visit your old friends, whom will bring you good news and opportunity to you. You also need to pay attention to your health due to illness star and should carry the Medicine Buddha card for protection.

Sheep: It will be going to be the smooth month for you and also the right time to expand your network. Relationship luck is strong and should place fresh flowers at Southwest of your room to activate your romance luck. Sheep lady should carry the Red Tara charisma shawl for better chance.

Monkey: September is the month for you to learn new things and take the professional examination, as the lucky star will bring good luck for your examination and wisdom for learning. Put the 21 Tara Gold card in your wallet for wisdom and wishes, as Tara will help to bring all your wishes to you.

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