Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in December 2019

Year of the Rat is approaching soon, after reading Lillian & Jennifer’s Feng Shui & Fortune book, you should have a great picture of your luck in 2020. Rat is the first Chinese zodiac, and it will change the new energy of universal.  It will be the last chance for you to register our Feng Shui Extravaganza in Las Vegas on January 11, 2020, and Honolulu on January 18, 2020. The topics are included the general outlook of the rat year, personal luck of each Chinese zodiac, find out the lucky and unlucky area in your house & office, forecast of the industrial of the 5 elements, etc.  2020 is the election year, Peter will give you tips how to win election and also how you can succeed at work.


Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in December 2019

 December 7, 2019, to January 5, 2020– Month of theYang Fire Rat

Rat: Both wealth and career luck are substantial, there will be lots of opportunities for you this month. You should carry the Mongoose Wealth Amulet at the lucky rat month, and it will help you to capture the money luck.

Ox: It will also be a good month for you to expand your network and make new friends. You should team up with others for any new project. As Rat is the secret friend of the Ox born person, it will bring luck from Heaven and should keep the Heaven Seal Amulet for success.

Tiger: There will be lots of opportunities for you, and you should take this excellent chance to achieve your goal. You should focus and work hard at the end of the year and also carry the Sum-Of-Ten Enhancer, which ensures that whatever luck comes your way.

Rabbit: Strong romance luck for a single person.  This is a good month for you to expand your network and meet a new client. Rabbit and Rat are one the romance zodiac; you should place the Marriage Happiness Ducks to attract the relationship luck.

Dragon: Your luck is up and down; you will have obstacles at work and need to focus on finishing your task.  All the problems will be solved in the end, and you should consider consulting with your friends if you have any issues. It will be better for you to keep the Dorje Drolo Scorpion Amulet in the pocket, and it will protect you from obstacles by Guru Rinpoche.

Snake: It will be a good month for short term investment and don’t be greedy. There will be a good chance for career advancement, and you should handle your work step by step smoothly. You should carry the Victory in Gamble Amulet and the Victory coin to capture the windfall luck.

Horse: It is the traditional clash month for Horse born person during the Rat month. It will create inconvenience for you and pay attention to your health for minor injury or flu. You should consider taking a short break to stay away from trouble and keep the Celestial Pi Yao Amulet for protection.=.

Sheep: You should control your temper and try to avoid the argument. If you are unable to offer help to someone, please explain to her/him clearly and handle it smoothly to avoid misunderstanding. Carry the Dragon Holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Amulet will exhaust the hostile energy this month.

Monkey: You need to control your spending, and there will be unexpected expenses. You should not loan money to others and beware of losing personal belongings. The Anti-Robbery Amulet can help to protect you from robbery and stealing.

Rooster: It will be the right month for having a new change and also need to control your temper. Beware of signing legal documents. You should keep the Talisman to win a court case to manage hostile energy and legal matters.

Dog: Career luck is strong.  You may have the opportunity for career advancement, and you should take this excellent chance to show off your talent. Display the Monkey God on Elephant or 9 Rank Badge Plaque on the work desk for promotion luck.

Boar: Your luck is getting better this month, and the obstacles from the previous month will be gone. Another good news for you is strong money luck, but it comes and goes; you need to budget what you spend.  You can place the Wealth Tree with Mongoose and 6 Birds on the work desk or living room; it will help to grow your wealth. Carry the Mongoose Wealth Amulet for money luck this month.

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Outlook for the Year of the Yang Metal Rat – 2020

The Year of the Metal Rat will begin on February 4, 2020, at 5:04 pm. The Rat is first amongst the twelve zodiacs and is known as one of the Chinese romance zodiacs, making 2020 a romance year. New energy will transform the universe in a water year, bringing good luck to anyone whose favorable element is water, such as President Donald Trump.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 2020

Rat: You will enjoy powerful support from the God of the Year (Annual Tai Sui 太歲); You must carry the 2020 Tai Sui Amulet or Tai Sui card to appease the God of the Year. The General Star will bring power, leadership, and authority. Also, there will be plenty of changes in your life this year. To capture all of the best opportunities, carry the Heaven Seal Amulet. However, beware of Quarrelsome star that brings hostile energy, and so keep the Dragon Holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Amulet to control it.

Ox: It will be an excellent year for you to team up with others, and the Nobleman star will bring opportunities to you. Ox person should carry the Earth Seal Amulet to ensure that you achieve all your aspirations. Also, the Sun star will help you overcome all obstacles and keep an eye out for new developments.

Tiger: Tiger born person should be more aggressive at work as there will be good returns for you. It will be a busy year, involving lots of social activities. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your network away from home and outside of your usual group with the help of the Traveling Horse Star. The Victory Banner Amulet will attract winning luck and support you throughout your adventures this year.

Rabbit: You are also indirectly affected by Tai Sui, so you must carry the 2020 Tai Sui Amulet or Tai Sui card to appease the God of the Year.  Rabbit born person should carefully handle relationships. A single person should place the Marriage Happiness Ducks at the Southwest of your bedroom for marital happiness, and it will subdue unpleasant energies. In terms of investments, it is not the right year for you to be a guarantor in 2020.

Dragon: It will be a brilliant year for you, and money is substantial.  Nobleman star will bring opportunities, but you need to handle legal matters with caution. Display the Dragon Mirror with Wish-Granting Mantra on your desk to strengthen your success, courage, confidence, and prosperity luck.  You should also keep the Annual Amulet 2020 to maintain harmonious relationships with those you interact with.

Snake: Compared to the Year of the Boar, it will be a better year. You will have a Mentor Star (月德星 ) providing great support. Unfortunately, it will not be the best year for significant investments. To counter this energy and increase wealth, place the Jade Emperor with Qui Ren Talisman and wear the Wealth & Wisdom Mantra ring with Yellow Dzambala’s Mantra.

Horse: You need to lay low and take it easy this year as you will directly conflict with the Tai Sui. It is imperative that you carry the 2020 Tai Sui Amulet or Tai Sui card to appease the God of the Year. Due to your conflict with the Tai Sui, Horse born person should pay close attention to their health and must keep the Garuda Wu Lou Health Amulet to control negative energy. Also, your romance luck will fluctuate throughout the year, so carefully handle your relationships.

Sheep: It will be a great year for you to expand your network and you will have wonderful guidance due to mentor luck from two auspicious stars: Purple Star (紫微) and Heavenly Dragon Star (龍德). These significant stars bring plenty of new opportunities to you, so capture the energy by placing the Jade Emperor with Qui Ren Talisman on your desk or in the Southwest sector of your room. However, Sheep born person will also indirectly conflict with the annual Tai Sui; carry the 2020 Tai Sui Amulet or Tai Sui card to appease the God of the year.

Monkey: Since the Rat is the ally of the Monkey person, you will receive good support and luck in 2020. It will be a good year to learn new things, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. However, beware of trouble-makers and gossip. To overcome any negative energy you come across, carry the Kuan Kung on Horseback Anti-Betrayal Amulet.

Rooster: Throughout the year, lucky stars will bring fortune to you; carry the Sum-of-Ten Enhancer to attract good outcomes in all your endeavors. Also, Rooster-born person will have strong romance and relationship luck, especially if you are single. Unfortunately, you will indirectly conflict with annual Tai Sui; carry the 2020 Tai Sui Amulet or Tai Sui card to appease the God of the year.

Dog: It will be a stable year for you, and fame luck is strong. Most of your obstacles will be resolved at the end of year due to auspicious stars. Also, since your money luck is strong this year, carry the Mongoose Wealth Amulet to attract wealth.

Boar: Your wealth luck is the best amongst all 12 zodiacs, so keep the Lucky Mahjong Tiles Amulet to attract investment luck and display the Dragon & Rat Prosperity 8 at Northwest of your house. The Wisdom star (文昌) brings wisdom and education luck to you; keep the Scholastic Amulet to boost your intelligence and place the Scholar on Dragon Carp at Southwest of the study room to enhance the luck.

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WOFS USA – Las Vegas & Honolulu Store Anniversary 2019

Congratulations to the raffle winners of our store anniversary – WOFS Las Vegas (18 year)..Lexia, Bonnie & Shirley and WOFS Honolulu (16 year).. Haunani, Arlene & Naomi.


Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in November 2019

We recently received emails from the reader that they confused about the date of the monthly forecast newsletter. The monthly email was sent early each month, and the day will not started a week later. The monthly Feng Shui Flying star and zodiac forecast are based on the Chinese lunar calendar; mostly, the energy will be changed on the 7th or 8th day of each month. In the future, we will email our monthly newsletter in a few days before turning of new energy.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 2019

November 8 – December 6, 2019 –  Month of the Yin Wood BOAR 

BOAR: There will be lots of obstacles and should take it easy. It will not be the right month starting a new project and should take a short trip to recharge new energy. You should carry the 5 Elements Balancing Keychain helping to unlock your full potential and allow your good fortune to ripen.

RAT: It will be a busy month for you, and it will not be easy starting your task, but it will be solved at the end. It will be better for you to team up with your secret friend – Ox for better luck. You can keep the Victory Banner Amulet to attract the winning energy to you.

OX: It will be better to make new investments and adjust your retirement portfolios this month. Beware of minor injury to your four limbs. You should carry the Lucky Gamble Amulet for windfall wealth luck.

TIGER: You will have lots of opportunities for you, and you should focus this month to grab your good luck. Even though there will not be easy when you start, and it will be getting better for the rest of the month. Consider carrying the Life Force Windhorse Amulet to bring good fortune and success luck to you.

RABBIT: If you have any good and new ideas to achieve your goal, you should go ahead to fulfill your goal. Consider carrying the Scholastic Amulet for bringing wisdom luck to you. It will also be a good month for you to invest and place the Windhorse on your desk to bring winning energy.

DRAGON: Finally, your money luck is strong at the end of the year. Both direct and indirect money luck is good. Do not miss this opportunity; you will gain back what you lose from the early of this year. Beware of office politics and jealous of others, it will be better for you to carry the Hamsa Hand Amulet for protection.

SNAKE: It is the traditional incompatible month for the Snake born person, and it creates inconvenience to you. Luckily you will have a lucky star for bringing good energy to you, and you should carry the Pi Yao to overcome your obstacles.

HORSE: It will be the action month for you, and there will be lots of a good chance when you work harder. There will be unexpected good news and should control your temper. Beware of signing legal documents and should carry the Dragon holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Amulet to control the hostile energy.

SHEEP: Luck is strong at work, but there will be obstruction at home possible illness from the elderly family members. Please make sure to place the Wu Luo at the center and northeast of your house.

MONKEY: Both personal and career luck is strong this month. Beware of jealousy and office politics. It will be better for you to keep the Evil Eye Anti-Jealousy Amulet to overcome the unpleasant energy.

ROOSTER: It will be a good month for you to learn new things, and career luck is strong, and you make sure to follow the guideline to avoid trouble. For your education luck, you should keep the Education Scholastic Amulet for wisdom luck.

DOG: You need to control your temper, as you easily upset others with no reason. Beware of signing legal documents and should carry the Dragon holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Amulet to control the hostile energy.

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Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in October 2019

Chung Yeong Festival (重陽節), also known as the Double Ninth Festival (久久節 ) and the Chrysanthemum Festival (菊の節句), takes place on the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. On this day, traditional Chinese and Korean visit their ancestors’ cemetery to pay respect, offering food and fruit, and burning incense for their ancestors.

According to the Lo Shu number, nine is the Yang Fire element and the double ninth day and month brings intense fire. On that day, it’s best to drink chrysanthemum tea or liquor to balance your health as chrysanthemum blooms abundantly during that time.

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Chung Yeung Festival – Cementery Feng Shui


Cemetery Feng Shui is the geography of a burial plot of land, which differs from Feng Shui for the living. People believe that a good Feng Shui graveyard will help protect the owner’s offspring and bring them peace, good health, fortune, and prosperity.

The Chinese character for burial, , means that when a person dies, he or she should be buried in the soil surrounded by a green lawn and plants. The combination of soil, green lawn, and plants bring healthy, new energy to the offspring. The burial plot should constantly be watered and maintained as the water supports the wood energy for a new life.

Our parents are the root of our lives; without our parents, we would not exist. Therefore, family members, especially parents, must be buried in an excellent place to support the good CHI for future generations. The best cemetery should have sunlight for Yang energy, which especially benefits male offspring. Also, it’s best to be buried in fresh land that hasn’t been built on before as new graves invite new energy.  With that being said, the burial area should have a good balance of the tombstone, soil, flowers, and other plants.

Location and direction are major factors in choosing the right location for family members. During the Chung Yeong Festival (重陽節) week on October 12, 2019, I will be at the Palm Eastern Cemetery in Las Vegas to help you choose the best land or answer Feng Shui questions related to cemetery Feng Shui.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in September 2019


The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Full Moon Festival, is approaching! It’ll be on September 13, 2019, the 15thday of the Eighth month of the Lunar calendar. This festival unites families to celebrate the harvest under a full moon; it is also a great month to get married as the full moon brings the completion energy to marriage.

Traditionally, Chinese will enjoy the popular sweet pastry: mooncake, which is made from lotus seed puree/paste. You can also find a chocolate or ice cream mooncake version from places like Godiva or Häagen-Dazs.

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