Newsletter – Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in February 2020

February is the first lunar month of the year of the Yang Metal Rat. It starts on February 4, 2020, at 5:09 pm (Rooster hour) and also the first day of spring. You make sure to reorganize the Feng Shui enhancers into the right place of your house.

2020 Flying Star

Northeast 1 – This is one of the lucky areas, and the Number 1 White Star will bring little money luck and career advancement to you. You can hang the Nine Ranks Badge Plaque for promotion luck and the Red color Wealth Cabinetfor money luck.

South 2 – The area in the South is affected by the Number 2 Illness Star and Three Killings Star, which will bring health issues, adverse impact, loss of health, loss of wealth, loss of happiness, and obstacles to you. It would be best if you placed the Three Celestial Bell to suppress the Three Killings Star and the God of Longevity or Garuda Bird to control the illness star. You need to remove the red or beige color carpet in the south of the house.

North 3 – The Tai Sui is located at the North 2 (between 352.6 to 7.5 degree), you must place the 2020 Tai Sui plaque in this area of the house to appease him, and the Number 3 Quarrelsome Star also flies into the North. It would help if you displayed the Fire Dragon Holding the Fireball to exhaust the hostile energy. It would help if you did not have green plants in the North sector of the house; otherwise, it will empower the negative energy from this evil star.

Southwest 4 – 2020 is the romance year, and the Number 4 Romance & Education star will fly into this room, you can place the Red Phoenix mirror and Green Dragon mirror in the bedroom for an excellent marriage. A single person should put the Mandarin Ducks to attract new love. In order for you to activate the Education luck, you must place the Scholar on Dragon Crap or hang the Wen Chun Pen with the Majushiri mantra at the southwest area for bringing wisdom to you.

East 5 – The Five Yellow Star flies into the East sector, and this lousy star will bring lousy health, loss of love, bad wealth luck, and other obstacles to you. Please remove the red carpet in this room and no renovation this year. Coronavirus is causing an outbreak of respiratory illness in the city of Wuhan, which is located on the East side of China. You need to put four pots of green plants and Om Ah Hum 5 Element Pagoda to control the negative energy.

Southeast 6 – Another lucky sector in your house, the Number 6 Windfall Luck star, will bring luck from heaven. If your earning is based on commission or income from business profit, you will be benefiting from this star, and you should invite the Jade Emperor with Qui Ren Talisman or hang the Wealth Rat 6 Rods Metal Windchime to attract this luck.

Center 7 – The Number 7 Robbery Star will bring violence, burglary, and robbery to you. This star also affects lousy health to the lung and respiratory system. The negative energy links up with the 5 Yellow badly Star at East to create the coronavirus in China. It would be best if you placed the pair of Blue Elephant and Rhino or Anti Burglary Plaque to exhaust the bad energy from this evil star.

Northwest 8 – This is the most promising area in 2020 and will bring strong wealth luck to you, especially the Boar & Dog born person and the patriarch of the family. It would be best if you displayed the water fountain; Five Rats Wealth Attracting Jar and the Dragon & Rat Prosperity “8” to capture this wealth luck.

West 9 – The Happiness Purple 9 Star flies into the west area of the house and will bring future prosperity luck to you, especially the Youngest daughter and Rooster Born person. You can activate this auspicious star by placing the Wealth Tree with mongoose & 6 birds or hanging the Flying Horse 9 Rods Windchimes to attract the luck from Purple 9 star.

Luck for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in February 2020

February 4 – March 3, 2020Month of the Yang Earth TIGER

Tiger: You should handle things step by step. As there will be lots of change and you need to know how to handle it smoothly. It would be best if you kept the Annual Amulet to ensure the year ahead proceeds smoothly for you.

Rabbit: Money luck is strong, and you will have lots of promising stars helping you to overcome all the obstacles. It will be better for you to carry the Mongoose Wealth Amulet to capture this luck.

Dragon: You need to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues and beware of overspending. As you may argue with others with no reason and should keep the Dragon Holding Fireball Anti-Conflict Amulet to exhaust the hostile energy.

Snake:  You should budget what you spend, and there will be unexpected expenses.  It is not the right time to loan money to others and should carry the Anti-Robbery Amulet with blue rhino & elephant for protection.

Horse: Beware of trouble makers around you in the office. You should maintain a good relationship with your colleagues and keep the Hamsa Hand Anti-Gossip Amulet to protect against gossip and betrayal by those close to you.

Sheep: It will be a great month for you, including money and relationship luck. It would help if you took this excellent opportunity to expand your network and place the Gold Mongoose Spouting Jewels at North to capture the money luck.

Monkey: Beware of gossip and trouble marker around you. Beware of someone cheating you for money and pay attention to your health-related to lung and stomach. It would be best if you carried the Garuda Wu Lou Health Amulet or White Tara Gau for protection.

Rooster: Substantial gamble and investment luck. It would be best if you carried the Gamble Winning Amulet to capture this good luck, and you can also adjust your retirement & investment portfolios.

Dog: You will have lots of opportunities, and money luck is strong. It will be a good time for new investment and keep the Yellow Jambala Mantra Wand to boost your wealth and income luck.

Boar: It is not the smooth month, but you have mentor luck helping you to go through the obstacles. Invite the Jade Emperor with Qui Ren Talisman in the Southeast sector to attract support from powerful and influential people.

Rat: You will have lots of obstacles starting the first month of the Rat year, and you should handle work tasks step by step with caution. It is not the right time for you to invest and should carry the 15 Hums Protection Wheel keychain to protect you from negative influences and energy.

Ox: You will have lots of fortune stars, and it will be a great month for you. You should take this excellent chance to develop your business and should keep the Sum-Of-Ten Enhancer to attract good outcomes in all your endeavors.

Moreover, there are two important days for you to pray for your wishes and good health: Tara and Medicine Buddha puja is on February 2, 2020, and Medicine Buddha puja and full moon are on February 9, 2020The new moon arrives on February 23, 2020.

We post knowledgeable tips two months in advance for great days to cut hair, conduct medical procedures, and other important dates on our website under the “Tips for Today“ section. All of this information follows the Tibetan calendar.

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