12582 – God of Wealth – Rat Holding Ingot

This Golden Rat holding ingot is the most vital image to invite into the home as we approach the Year of the Rat in 2020. Of the 12 signs, the Rat is said to be the most flexible, adaptable and able to make a living no matter what the circumstance. It ensures you prosper and thrive no matter what the external economic conditions.

The Rat is also closely related to the Mongoose, the companion pet of the Wealth Buddhas. The Chinese are thus always fond of displaying images of the Rat with coins and ingots in the home, as Rats always symbolize wealth and prosperity.

In 2020, display this Golden Rat with Coin in the NORTHWEST sector, which plays host to the #8 Wealth Star. This sector also benefits the Patriarch or main breadwinner of the household, which filters down to benefit the whole family. Or you can also display anywhere in the living room or office for continuous prosperity and good income luck.




Material: Metal.

Weight: 6 Ounces.

Size: 3 Inches Height x 2 Inches Width.

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 8 in