14761 – Fu Dog with Rock for Protection – Shigandang (石敢當) – 4.75 Inches

Fu Dogs are traditional Feng Shui symbols of protection. They are often found guarding the main entrance of temples, homes, offices and even in the imperial palaces. They are the Chinese representation of the snow lions from Buddhism, and widely believed to guard the home from all kinds of bad luck such as getting robbed, meeting bad people, killing shar chi from corners of buildings and other landscape afflictions. Thus, many Chinese companies including HSBC bank placed a pair of these Fu Dogs in front of their main entrance.

Other uses of Fu Dogs includes displaying them on each corner of the home altar as guardian protectors of the home altar, although they are usually carved into the design of traditional home altars. Fu Dogs are also placed in the bedroom of new born children as protection against bad spirits and ill health.

Fu Dogs can also be placed at windows to guard against any shar chi from neighboring homes or buildings. Place this pair of Fu Dogs in your home office to guard against stray negative thoughts and provide support when you do your work.


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Material: Metal.

Measurement: 4.75 Inches Height x 2.5 Inches Depth x 4.5 Inches Width.

Weight: 24 Ounces.

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Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 in

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