15250 – Lucky Cat for wealth

Chinese wording (招財進寶) means bringing wealth and (福) means fortune are on the cat bringing all these 2 lucks to you.  There are three Wu Luo at the back of the cat bank for longevity and Chinese wording for bringing fortune and wealth.

Wonder how you can make your money work harder? Well, just invest in a Lucky Cat Money Bank which will help increase your money luck. With its paw raised high up, it beckons more money your way! So enhance your personal wealth luck today and start the healthy habit of saving today.

Keeping money aside will attract more wealth luck! Place your money bank in your Wealth corner at home or at work. It is especially lucky for those in the retail line. It’s great as a gift, but do place a token coin or some money inside, or else it would seem as if you are giving an empty gift.

Place it at southwest for female and northwest for male.

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Size: 7 1/2 Inches Height x 9 Inches Width x 7 Inches Depth.

Material: Ceramic.


Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in


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