16097 – Kuan Yin Bringing Abundance

Kuan Yin, also known as the Goddess of Mercy and revered by millions of Chinese around the world, is one of the most popular of Chinese deities and the female personification of the compassionate Buddha. This standing posture of Kuan Yin with a pair of carp brings happiness, wealth and protection from harm.

Display this beautiful Kuan Yin to stay blessed and protected from harm and reversals of fortune. She helps you to make your wishes come true and to have a peaceful life free of obstacles and spiritual harm.

Invite her into your home and let her presence ignite the good fortune luckĀ of 2019 for you. This brings incredible luck from heaven, ensuring everything proceeds smoothly. Display in the Northeast to enhance good fortune luck, Southwest for Matriarch luck or facing the main door to attract good fortune and abundance into your life.




Size: 6 inches height x 6 inches length x 3 inches width.

Weight: 19 ounces.

Material: Metal.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 in

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