16400 – Buddha’s Foot Windchime With Stand

This powerful buddha’s foot windchime is designed to activate the auspicious positive energy brought by the Heavenly Star #6. It will dispel any inauspiciousness and invoke the protection of the celestial protectors. The heavenly star brings excellent support from the Devas who can provide assistance in the attainment of goals, good fortune, and protection against harm.

Hang this sacred windchime in the West and Northwest to activate the sound of metal energies in these Metal sectors. In 2019, the West has the #1 Victory Star while the NW has the #9 Completion Star – these are auspicious numbers, so activating these sectors with the sound of metal emanating from the imprint of Buddha’s foot is incredibly auspicious. Each time the wind causes the sound of metal to emanate forth, good fortune gets created!

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Size:  Stand: 12 inches long. Windchime: 8 1/4 inches long x 2 1/4 inches width.

Weight: 8.46 ounces.

Material: Metal and acrylic.


Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 16 x 8 x 8 in


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