4834 – Auspicious Funeral Date Selection (擇日出殯/葬禮/安葬)

Cemetery Feng Shui is the geography of a burial plot of land, which differs from Feng Shui for the living. People believe that a good Feng Shui graveyard will help protect the owner’s offspring and bring them peace, good health, fortune, and prosperity.

The Chinese character for burial, 葬, means that when a person dies, he or she should be buried in the soil surrounded by a green lawn and plants. The combination of soil, green lawn, and plants bring healthy, new energy to the offspring. The burial plot should constantly be watered and maintained as the water supports the wood energy for a new life.

Our parents are the root of our lives; without our parents, we would not exist. Therefore, family members, especially parents, must be buried in an excellent place to support the good CHI for future generations. The best cemetery should have sunlight for Yang energy, which especially benefits male offspring. Also, it’s best to be buried in fresh land that hasn’t been built on before as new graves invite new energy.  With that being said, the burial area should have a good balance of the tombstone, soil, flowers, and other plants.  Location and direction are major factors in choosing the right location for family members.

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Funeral is the final disposition of a person, which are included funeral ceremony, burial, cremation.  Customs vary between cultures and religious groups. Common secular motivations for funerals include mourning the deceased, celebrating their life, and offering support and sympathy to the bereaved; additionally, funerals may have religious aspects that are intended to help the soul of the deceased reach the afterlife, resurrection or reincarnation.

It is very important to choose the auspicious date for funeral to honor your family members and friends. Funeral is a celebration of life or memorial ceremony.  Some family will have the complete in one to two days; some family will choose to have the ceremony and burial or cremation in separate day.


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