5 Emperor Coins – 2 1/4 Inches

The Five Emperors’ Gold Coins represent continued wealth for generations. Their presence in your personal wealth vase and wealth ship is essential in ensuring that your wealth stays in the family for a very, very long time. They come from the prosperous reigns of five emperors — Emperor Jiaqing (嘉慶), Emperor Qianlong (乾隆), Emperor Yongzheng (雍正), Emperor Kangxi (康熙) and Emperor Tongzhi (同治).

Hang it inside the front door or above the front door frame to attract money luck.

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Size: 2 1/4 Inches x 2 1/4 Inches x 1/4 Inch Thick.  Total of 5 pieces per set.

It contains 5 Chinese coin from 5 different Emperors – Emperor Jiaqing (嘉慶), Emperor Qianlong (乾隆), Emperor Yongzheng (雍正), Emperor Kangxi (康熙) and Emperor Tongzhi (同治).

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Weight 12 oz


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