Bejeweled Vairocana Buddha

Vairocana Buddha (one of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas) is the head of the Tathagata Family. This Buddha is white in colour and his symbol is the Dharma Wheel. He represents the center. Vairocana purifies all ignorance, negativities and misconception. He activates the wisdom of knowledge. Vairocana will particularly help leaders, bosses, managers and anyone who is regularly called upon to make good and wise decisions. He is also the Buddha for all students and those in search of knowledge. He is the protector of Sheep and Monkey born person.

Invoking the blessings of the Protector Buddha VAIROCANA is best way to protect against the NOVEL CORONOVIRUS and other contagious diseases. 

Invite the 5 Dhyani Buddhas into your home to invoke their countless blessings. The benefits of display 5 Dhyani buddhas at home:

  1. Keeps you immune to gossip and slander
  2. Keeps your children safe from harm
  3. Attracts prosperity to the household
  4. Protects against becoming a victim of any kind
  5. Ensures good business luck
  6. Avoids accidents at home and during travel
  7. Protects against loss of income
  8. Protects against black magic spells

$468.58 $234.89



Material: Metal.

Weight: 41.27 Ounces.

Measurement: 7 3/4 Inches Height x 3 1/2 Inches Length x 3 Inches Width.

Additional information

Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 12 in

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