15560 – Brass Kuan Yin for Descendants Luck (送子觀音)

This Kuan Yin is always depicted with five children around her! She specializes in creating family happiness and can help resolve quite a number of family issues. If you are single and looking to get married, this is the Kuan Yin for you. If you are having trouble conceiving, invite this image of Kuan Yin and chant her mantra – “OM MANI PADME HUM”.

This is Kuan Yin to invite into the home if you have disobedient children and need help with controlling them. Parents who have problematic children; i.e. kids mixing with the wrong kind of friends, children who struggle with their studies, children being bullied in school by friends or teachers, … these are all the problems that can be resolved by Kuan Yin. Invite her into your home and place it in the West corner of your living room, or in your children’s room.

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Material: Metal.

Measurement: 7 1/2 Inches Height x 4 1/2 Inches Width.

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Weight 120 oz
Dimensions 12 x 16 x 16 in


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