12358 – Career Saturday Key Charm (Saturday’s child is kind & forgiving)

Saturday is the Day of the dark planet Saturn, and many astrologers consider this day a Day of obstacles. But those lucky enough to be born on this day possess special abilities to rise above obstacles caused by Saturn and thus will thrive in management careers. This is particularly so if you carry the planet of Saturn in your pocket so that you control Saturn rather than have it control you. The energy of controlling the Planet Saturn is harnessed by wearing clear blue gems, such as blue sapphires and blue quartz crystals. This special charm features a deep blue gem and carries the auspicious words “Saturday’s Child is Kind and Forgiving”.

A key fashioned embossed with the symbol of Saturn gives its wearer the power to overcome many obstacles in their working life. This talisman is extremely lucky for those born on Saturdays Those born on other days may wear this talisman on Saturdays to control the influence of Saturn.

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Size: 6 Inches Length.

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