16976 – Taykar Drozangma – Goddess of Long Life

Drozangma is the green long life sister who increases one’s inner vitality, regeneration and life force. She prevents harmful nagas from stealing away one’s life force or causing diseases. Drozangma rides a female Turquoise Green Dragon while holding Durva grass on one hand, and a snake noose on the other. She commands all minor naga spirits and exercises influence over the elements. She protects against natural disasters, epidemics and contagious diseases. Drozangma guards from her palace in the North.

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Weight: 51.15 Ounces.

Material: Alloy.

Measurement: 7″ Height x 5 3/4″ Length x 3 1/4″ Width

Additional information

Weight 120 oz
Dimensions 8 x 10 x 10 in


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