Feng Shui Consultation – Off-Site

It is non-refundable for the entire consultation fee.

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  • A site or area plan (drawn on grid paper, to scale) including all roads and surrounding buildings.
  • A floor plan which accurately shows the North-South axis.
  • The accurate compass direction of front door (to nearest degree).
  • A floor plan with present furniture. Please indicate the use of each room (For residential property, such as kitchen, second son’s bedroom, master bedroom, studying room, etc.) and (For commercial property.such as conference room, manager’s office, accounting office, restroom, etc.).
  • The birth dates (year, month, date, time and place of birth) of the head of the household and owner.
  • The year the house was built and the year the occupants moved in (indicate when, if any renovations had been made, and to which part of the house).
  • Special exterior structures (if any): e.g. a swimming pool, high tension power lines, mountains, rivers and neighboring structures. If possible, take pictures and indicate on a diagram.
  • Any specific areas you want analyzed (e.g. health problems, money loss, arguments in the home).
  • Your goal and any other questions.


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