12355 – Green Gem Wednesday Key Chain (Wednesday’s child is achieves fame & glory)

Wednesday is the Day of the green planet Mercury, and it is believed that those were born on this auspicious day is endowed with great intelligence and analytical abilities! To harness the energy of this clever planet, it is beneficial to wear the colour of green found in natural quartz, jade and emeralds. This special talisman features a deep green emerald-like jewel and carries the auspicious words “Wednesday’s Child receives Fame and Glory”.

In addition, a special key fashioned with the sign of Mercury gives its wearer the power to unlock and receive all the benefits of Wednesday, especially the ability to gain profound insights in their daily work. This talisman is extremely lucky for those born on Wednesday. Those born on other days may wear this talisman on Wednesdays to benefit from the powers of the planet Mercury.

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Size: 6 inches length.

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Weight 8 oz


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