4828 – Paht Chee Reading (八字論命)

We need to have the following information to give you the accuracy information about your destiny.

  • Birthday including year, month, day and possible birth time.
  • Place of birth.
  • Gender of the person.
  • Full Name.

Please email – info@wofsusa.com the above information to us and attention to Peter Lung.  We will communicate with you and setup the appointment for the consultation by phone, Skype, WeChat or WhatsApp.  It will take about 14 days for preparation.

A copy of your personal Paht Chee report will be emailed to you before the consultation.




Paht Chee (4 Pillars of destiny) is a powerful system of Chinese destiny analysis that complements the practice of Feng Shui and reveals what kind of wealth & success potential a person has and how one can unlock this wealth. It is also the excellent method for predicting when one’s marriage & family luck will ripen. When Paht Chee (4 Pillars of destiny) charts and luck pillars are correctly analyzed, they accurately predict one’s good fortune and misfortune years from his/her birth data.