5492 – White Tiger Constellation Charms Hanging


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Activate the White Tiger Constellation of the Lunar Mansions for powerful Protection Luck! The 7 Sky Animals in the Tiger Constellation will ensure you get your timing right for all your important moves and decisions and generate all the positive attributes of the White Tiger – Courage, Strength, Confidence, Determination and Leadership.

The Tiger is also the creature that brings hidden wealth luck to the year 2021. Wearing the constellation of the Tiger boosts propensity to make money.

Material: Alloy.

Weight: 1.59 Ounces.

Measurement: 9 1/2 Length.

Charm height: 0.95 Inch.

Charm width: 0.95 Inch.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in


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