10 Useful Back To School Feng Shui Tips For Students Of Any Age

September’s here and, ready or not, it’s back to school time! Here are 10 useful back to school feng shui tips for students of any age:

  • Because this is the start of a new school year, enhance for new energy with new outfits and school supplies. When purchasing these items, consider the student’s paht chee and keep in mind the elements that will best enhance the student’s self element. Purchase outfits or supplies in the colors that will enhance for their success. For example, if the student’s self element is weak wood, avoid red color clothing or backpack. It will be beneficial for him/her to wear green, blue or black in order to strengthen his/her element.
  • Enhance the student’s study area. Make sure that the desk is place where the student can sit facing his/her good directions. Determine what directions are good or bad by figuring out the individual’s Kua number. Use the formula below to calculate kua number.
  • Help make everyday school life easier and smoother for the student by activating friendship and good relationship luck. The best way is by having the student carry around his/her secret friend and allies. It is also excellent to enhance his/her study area with figurines of the secret friend and the 2 ally animals.
  • Place a crystal globe on the study table to invite the luck of knowledge. Twirl the globe 8 times clockwise before studying. Have the student carry a piece of natural crystal, wear 1 eye dzi, 11 eye dzi, wear crystal, smokey quartz, lapis lazuli or amethyst bracelet for girl and tiger eye, lapis lazuli or smokey quartz bracelets for boy while studying to enhance concentration, improve attention and memory. Hanging crystals in the Northeast sector of the house will also enhance for good education luck.
  • Display the 7 level pagoda on the study table to enhance the luck of higher education. Place the carp leaping across the dragon gate next to the student’s bedroom door to bring perseverance, courage and determination.
  • Place the 3 chi lin on top of the mountains with a calligraphy brush at the back of the studying desk to bring success in all their endeavors.
  • Place the windhorse in the South sector to enhance for recognition luck, be at the head of the class, and to be at the top of the any school competition.
  • If there is an alter in the home, invite in wisdom and education luck from Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom and Knowledge.
  • Decorate the student’s laptop or phone with auspicious decals or lucky charms such as the jade cicada to bring protection and remove any obstacles in their path to success.
  • Enhance the student’s confidence and give support luck from teachers and friends by having them carry the dragon tortoise or place a dragon tortoise in the North of the bedroom or at the back of the study desk.
  • Along with the feng shui tips, we hope that the new school year will go smoothly for all the students. Good luck everyone!