Happy Father’s Day – Get Lucky Gift To Your Dad

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Energize The Northwest To Benefit The Fathers

It Is Importance To Enhance The Luck Of The Patriarch.

In most cases, the father is the breadwinner, the leader, the patriarch, the provider, and the source of financial resources. In Feng Shui, the father is identifiable with the character of Chien. The Chien symbol is pictured as three solid lines, firm, unyielding and unbending.

The sector that is associated with the patriarch, the father of the household, is Northwest of the home. His successes would affect the family’s fortunes and well-being; therefore, by energizing this sector, you are ensuring your family fortune and good luck is well guarded. One of the most important rule is to avoid having a bathroom or kitchen in this sector. When the bathroom is there, whenever the toilet is being use, it is like flushing the luck of the patriarch down the toilet. If that is the case, try to install bright light in the restroom and keep them turned on for at least 3 hours a day to reduce the bad effect. When the kitchen is in the Northwest, every time you use the stove, it is like you are burning up all the luck of the father. In order to reduce the fire energy, try to avoid using the stove too often and make sure to decorate the kitchen in white and have stainless steel appliances.

In 2013, the Lucky Heavenly 6 Star flies to the Northwest sector, bringing mentoring luck and heaven luck to the patriarch of the family. It is ideal to enhance the Northwest with the Precious Minister to bring the father of the household much opportunities and support.