SIGN UP for “How To Increase Your Luck” Course by Peter Lung!

SIGN UP for “How To Increase Your Luck” Course by Peter Lung!

Date: June 19, 2021 virtually via Zoom

Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Traveling Horse Star

Every day we face competition and challenges; learn how to increase your luck through the Paht Chee reading class! I will teach you how to understand and practice your Paht Chee Chart as well as simple methods to capture significant opportunities from different stars. No prior Paht Chee or Feng Shui experience is required for this course.

Every week I will publish previews of the stars that will be covered in the course. Follow along by printing your personal Paht Chee Chart from our website under “Four Pillars Calculator.”

This week’s star is the Traveling Horse Star. There are 20 combinations of this star: 11 lucky stars and 9 unlucky stars.

Below is an example of a Paht Chee Chart, highlighting the Traveling Horse Star. Traveling Horse Star indicates job changes, moving houses, relocation, promotion, and demotion. If you have this star in your chart, you may be vulnerable to working overseas or far from home. It could benefit you if the element of this star matches your favorable element; if not, it could harm you. For example, Tiger’s element is wood; Boar’s element is water; Snake’s element is fire; Monkey’s element is metal. In this course, you will learn how these elements affect you.

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